Stoic, Raw Emotions Due to TRT?

Hey guys,

I have noticed since I have been on TRT that over time I have become less and less emotional. I am known for being emotional, however its like TRT has shut my tear ducts off. I am going through quite a family crisis and have been for the past 3 weeks, everyone has balled their eyes out except me. I feel stressed a bit, but I don’t feel scared or wildly upset. I have been pretty stoic and calm. That is not the norm for me. I have noticed an increase in this stoic behavior since switching my dose from 100mg per week to two 65mg shots per week(4 weeks into that protocol). Things that used to bug me, scare me or upset me greatly barely effect me now. Anyone else experience this emotional change?

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I’m on 125mg injecting E3D. I’ve noticed I’m able to shrug some things off easier, and perhaps less emotion. It’s not such a big effect that I’m sure it’s even the TRT. I’ll have my first blood test done on TRT early December, I’m hoping to up my dose because I get stressed and anxious way too easily still.

Damn man, 125mg every 3.5 days!?!? Holy cow dude that’s a lot.

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Haha. 125mg/week split into E3D.

ohhhh haha ok so pretty much what I take then. LOL my bad bro

This is pretty typical. You will sort through things. I find that my appreciation for nature, etc was blunted for a bit but it’s back for the most part. Im def not as quick to cry these days though which is good.

Yep it takes 6-8 weeks for your body to normalize with the new dose. You have 2-4 weeks until you start feeling normal again. Hold course captain you’re nearing dry land.


Seems the difficult part of TRT is that patience is needed

I hear ya man. So far so good though honestly. I feel much more level, week two was the hardest for some reason. I didn’t feel great, but last week and this week my energy has been consistent as has my libido and my mood(other than being stoic and slightly colder than usual). I am not really feeling much of a change from shot to shot, I just feel basically the same all the time, which is great. I look forward to week 6 and so forth

I have been like this for almost my entire adult life. In situations where everyone around me would “break down”, I thought something was wrong with me because I wouldn’t cry or get amped up. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually cried since the age of 12-13.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that I’m emotionless or that I don’t care. On the contrary, I care, feel, and love VERY much and very deeply. I just don’t experience that uncontrollable spill over if that makes sense?

I have noticed though, that since things have leveled out and stabilized, that I’m closer to that now than I have ever been. Not so much in situations were you feel sadness, but like with joy and love.

Example, I was watching this Australian show on Netflix called Bringing Sexy Back where they take people who are extremely overweight and rehab them back to healthy. They change how the eat and make them create a habit of exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle. Anyway, they had this husband and wife couple on there and they had two young children (both boys). You could tell by watching them interact that they were a pretty close family, and had the real deal love a family SHOULD have.

At the end of the show, when they did the big reveal to show the results of husband and wife after 4 months, the dad walked out on stage, and when the young kid saw his dad he burst out in tears. You could tell he was genuinely proud of his dad and that he loved him very much. That’s rare to see in Father / Son relationships nowadays, and when I saw that, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I almost lost my shit! Lol

I said all that to say this…I’m not emotionless or broken, and neither are you brother. People like us just don’t carry that shit on the outside all the time like other people do.

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I can relate to that. But whats weird is my whole life I have carried it on the outside and I have been extremely emotional. I am known for that by everyone. But since being on TRT for the past six months I have noticed a steady decline in my emotions and my reactions. The last month I feel like a bomb could be coming at planet earth and I would just sit back and not make a face. It is a weird feeling to not react with strong emotion anymore, but to react with cool and calm. My family has even noticed how different I am in that effect. I assume having low T for so long caused me to be hyper emotional, now that I am balanced out I am more emotionally harder. I actually like it, I hated being emotional all the time.

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No telling how much of your life you were Estrogen dominant. When you get hormones where they really should be, that will balance back out. Right now you are probably more testosterone dominant, but that will balance out as well. E2 will normalize and your body will reach homeostasis. You will eventually land somewhere in the middle (emotionally speaking) of the old you and where you are now.

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Yeah absolutely bro. I am not sure either, when I first got my labs done my TT was 50 and E2/FT were unreadable. I first got diagnosed in 2012 but just now finally broke down and committed myself to TRT(wish I would have done it much sooner, boy do I ever). But like I said, I like this slight personality change. It is nice being a little harder and nothing getting too me. I still feel deep love for my girlfriend and all that and I am still hella romantic. But like I said, in the face of problems and this whole crisis going on my will has been iron and while everyone has been making emotional choices and emotional solutions I have been the logical strong one. LOL. We shall see how it progresses.

You have an excellent ability to put a story in words. That’s a great skill to have.


Thank you brother.

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After the grief of losing my dad young in 1990 and well before TRT, I ended up with a form of PTSD. Long story. I had been a relatively easy crier (for a dude) up to that point, but I didn’t let go of a single tear for the next 11 years. It wasn’t for lack of trying, I just couldn’t. I think I was a bit turned off though even though I still had plenty of other emotions and could feel things. My point is good old trauma can shut that shit down.