Stocking Up

Now that is fast. I ordered some Mag-10 last night about 6 PM EST from the Biotest Store. Fed Ex just delivered.

Get it while you can folks.

HOT DAMN! That is fast.

Ordered an obscene amount of the good stuff last night.

How does one define “stocking up”? Is it four, eight, twelve, twenty-four, as many as you can buy… What do other Mag 10 users think?

as many as you can afford. in my case…
two bottles. i am an impoverished chemistry student after all.

It’s as much as you can use before the expiration date. As I mentioned in another thread, the date on my mag 10 is 8/06 and I’m sure other bottles are similar so just plan it out around that.

11 here. that makes a total of a bakers dozen that I have. I think that will do for me.

“Fear breeds consumption.”
-Marilyn Manson

I’m buying as many as I can and storing it next to my stock pile of the discontinued Ultimate Orange.