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Stockholm Attack


Not confirmed whether it is a Terrorist Attack but Swedish Police are treating it as such.
Not much is known except that a Truck was hijacked earlier that day and the police are looking for a man related. At least 3 dead and eight injured.

Thoughts everyone?


To no ones surprise, yes it’s the wonderful religion of peace doing what Mohammad told them to do. Kill the infidel.

But lets not blame what clearly is the cause. Islam only has a record of 1400 years of doing this.

Yes I know 80% of Muslims are peaceful. But if only 10% of Catholics in the USA were out raping and murdering in the name of God. Well just use the child molesting priest scandals, if you want to see the diffidence in the way we treat Islam. It was not even 1% of catholic priests involved in that and we do not let them live it down.

Why should we ignore the fact that Islam has a very big problem and that they bring it with them everywhere they go?


Do you think the number of non peaceful Muslims is 340,000,000? For reference, that would be more than the entire population of America.

Edit: What you’re saying would make sense if the country was banning Catholics due to what the priests were doing. Instead we held the guilty party (bad priests) accountable. Makes sense right?


Read the surveys, 20% is about average for Muslims to support terrorism. Just because you do not point the trigger does not make you peaceful


Did even a single member of the Catholic church get arrested? I’m legitimately asking, I have no idea.


Happen to have any of those surveys on hand?

Also if we’re now in the business of punishing people before they commit crimes, I think I smell a movie reboot coming. Tom Cruise isn’t gonna be happy though


Probably not. But comparing the catholic priest molesting kids to Muslim terrorism isn’t even apples and oranges. It’s apples and volkswagons


Here they come from Pew. Frsit the percentage of Muslims who support sharia law as the law of the land


Here is one with the percentage who support Isis


Deja Vu



So most don’t support ISIS?


I’m not, I was just curious since it was brought up.


Here is American Muslims views on View of al Qaeda

Very unfavorable 58 63 60 51 36
Somewhat unfav. 10 7 8 16 25
Favorable 5 3 4 7 9
DK/Refused 27 27 28 26 30


I made that point already but there we have a Western Muslim nation that gives them 20% support. That is a lot of Muslims


From the statistics, it adds up 680 million+ radical Muslims all over the world. Either supporting Sharia or honor killings of women.
That’s quite a lot.


I have a lot more and it all says the same things. A significant percentage of Muslims are pro terrorism. And those who are not, while they are the majority, they have no record of trying to stop the radicals


As an example of the way we normally think of a minority in a religion who do bad things. We do not give them a pass the way way we are being asked to give a far larger percenge of muslims


I’m sorry, what has happened to Catholics in the wake of the abuse scandal? What policy or law has been established to punish the great majority of Catholics that did no wrong?


Where are you getting that from?


I don’t know how Sweden has managed to avoid a attack for so long.
I know it’s not the good police force preventing them, they don’t record the religion of rapists as its discriminatory.

Speaking of Sweden and rape, the rape rates have increases by over 1400% since letting in refugees. Not sure if this is related till they let out if it was a terror attack or not.


None it is all social ridicule. The crimes were discovered after the statute of limitations had passed. They could not be prosecuted, but they were sued. And all that over a very small number that had happened long ago. While Islamic terrorism is much more common, it kills and it is happening now