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Stock Market: Force Protection


I don't know how many forum members play the market, but, since I have received so much terrific advice here in the past, I wanted to impart something of my own.

There's a terrific company called Force Protection http://www.forceprotection.net/ that builds vehicles that are effective against IEDs, the leading killer of our boys in Iraq and Afghanistan. These trucks are right now saving American and British (and Iraqi) lives.

A true made-in-USA success story with excellent management and a product that answers a seriously needed demand. With thousands of vehicles in the field, these vehicles have received no more than one fatality, and little more injury than a single broken wrist. Have a look at their website above.

Right now the morons in congress and senate are still dragging their feet, holding up funding for the troops, who are dying daily, so they can get their pork attached to the funding bill. It is a true travesty.

Anyway my point is twofold. One, I wanted to introduce everybody to a great company. Two, if anybody trades, this stock is the one to pick right now. I know I sound like a commercial, but I am that passionate about it.

I got in at $5 and they are at almost $25 now, with huge, huge government contracts (up to $8 billion in the short term) looming as soon as the USGOV frees up the funding, which should be in the next few days or so.

I just wanted to let you guys know.


I'll just give it one bump and then leave it alone. Up $1.50 in trading on good news today. Nobody is involved in the stock market or has anything to say about a great American company in the business of saving lives?

I'll leave it alone now.


If I had some money I would certainly invest in this company. I dont see how the stock could go down with such huge contracts forthcoming. Thanks for the heads up though, i told some other people about it, maybe they will try it out!


Lets see, Election year in 08 with a defense stock. Sounds like a bad idea for the long term


Wouldn't this tip have been better when the stock was at $5.00 a share? It has already gone up 500%.


Exactly. You bought the stock when it was cheap, chances are the stock is now overpriced and not worth the investment.

Hold onto it, I sincerely hope you make a lot of money from it.


Have a look at the financials and the contracts that are coming regardless of election year. The military presently at war has to replace all the vehicles that are being worn out now, no matter who is president. And Force Protection is poised to be the company that not only revolutionizes assymetric warfare (defense side), but replaces the HUMVEE. Unless you think that the entire military is going to be dismantled if a Democrat or dove Repub gets elected.

I'll post up again when the PPS hits $45.


I would generally agree, but future earnings potential is so massive that it's a money maker in any case. And I am still buying on the dips in share price.


Yeah!! My thoughts exactly. Where was he 500% ago? We could all be smoking a fat stogie and celebrating.


You do that. And good luck. I am still doubtful. I never bet on the government.


Smart to do that. Smarter to bet on continuous conflict, especially in the Middle East. War makes a lot of money, regardless of politics.


I don't know how many people would have listened at $5. Anyway, nobody is forcing anybody to buy anything, I just wanted to let interested parties know of a terrific company that is helping save American lives and also happens to still be a great value.