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Stitches Healing Time

I have to get a little surgery that require stiches in my torso. This means that since i don’t want any scars, i can not lift for a certain period of time. Does anyone know how long i should lay off the weights. Any movement in my torso will cause the stiches to stretch so i want to aviod all movement if possible, but for how long. Anything else i should do to help the healing? thanks,


I would think your doctor would be a good person to ask. But I think the obvious answer is, if the stitches are still in, then don’t do anything to cause strain on them.

Healing time is also varies drastically. I’m assuming that you don’t smoke and eat a clean diet. I’m not aware of anything else that is really all that beneficial.

The answer depends on a bunch of things. The other doctors will have different answers than mine. No one will be right. The healing of surgical sites is a biological response that no one can predict the answer to. We can estimate. But since you gave no idea of where the surgery will be done, it’s tough. Your own surgeon will give you the best idea based on the location of the site and the presence of any infection. If s/he uses different types of sutures, another variable enters the queue. They could use non-resorbable or not. etc. etc.

Ask your m.d.

ps. chicks dig scars.

And maybe you can work other body parts remote from the surgical area for the time being, just to keep 90% in shape. But don’t sweat into the wound, or you’ll die.

(ha ha. I’m kidding)

i believe i read somewhere that vitamin c greatly reduces scars, so oranges and lotsa green/red peppers would help since you don’t want scaring

The stitches will be under my arm, so any type of pressing or pulling is a no no. Any special supplements i should take to make sure the wound heals strong and as unnoticeable as possible?

Ah, finally getting that superfluous nipple removed. Good to hear it! Not only did it not produce milk but it would always get hard when the temperature dropped and irritate your hand when you made armpit farts.

I don’t know of any special supplements. I’ve heard that taking vitamin C and E can help but I’m too busy to actually open up medline and do any research at the moment. If you like, go to pubmed.com and it’ll redirect you to a site to look for research. I’m sure taking multivitamins won’t hurt but I’d probably avoid any unproven application of some other product directly to the wound. Most doctors will give you some polysporin or other ointment to put on it to keep it relatively clean and moist for proper healing. If the wound is closed by primary intention it should heal fine in a few weeks.

Good luck with it. Hopefully you’ll have a cute member of the opposite sex take care of you in your recovery period.

The fatcreator.

ps. What does a pig put on his surgical wound?