Stitches and Lifting

I locked myself out of my house today, and being true to myself i tried to open the window from the outside. I made a gash about an inch and a half long and half an inch deep. My question is can you lift with stitches when the pain from the cut finally goes away?

Ummm…why don’t you ask your doctor when he gives you the stitches, instead of strangers on the internet?

I had surgery last week. The stitches are on my side. My doctor said I could lift the next day. I deadlifted today and went up 10 lbs from my previous PR.

Most of his other patients probably ask when they can shower. All I cared about was when I could lift.


It all depends on how wide of a scar you would like to have. If you don’t mind a big ass scar, let the pain be your guide.

so were the stiches from the cut, or laughing at the fact you locked yourself out. :wink:

Probably depends on the place of the cut. If it is going to be bent stretched and under shitloads of pressure/ high probability of re-opening, probably not.

I was told not to lift or engage in strenuous activity after a couple of eye injuries for risk of detatching the retina.

Go figure. Push until you feel like your eyeballs will explode, and they actualy might.

I lifted “lightly” the day after having surgery on my arm. I only had 6 stitches, but they closed up a section across my forearm, not down it…so it pulled the skin tight. Other than the really wierd feeling of the stitches pulling on the skin it was pretty much okay… I didn’t do any “heavier” lifting till a week after the surgery…and that’s when I tore 3 of the 6 stitches out. Not cool, but they were gonna come out a week after that anyway.

My advise would be to take care of your body and wait till you get them taken out before doing any serious lifting.