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Stitches and Exercise

Okay, long story short…saturday got rearended by a semi, girl behind me broke her jaw on the back of my head, which in turn caused a 5-6inch gash on my head and about 25-30 stitches. I’m not looking for sympathy, the poor girl with the broken jaw deserves that (her boyfriend too). Anyways, woh long do you all think i need to wait before i can get beack in the gym. I feel flat and small and i hate it. Stupid accident. Your thoughts and questions are welcome, especially anyone whos got medical knowledge. Thank friends.

dunno… but chick’s dig scars… cheer up

When the stitches come out, in a week or so. A week off won’t kill you. Just don’t eat like a pig while you aren’t training.

I worked out with a few stiches in my abs a couple of years ago and I still have scars from where the cut was AND where the needles went in when they sewed me up. I’m not sure if it was working out or bad stiches. The health care place at my school which did the stiches is nicknamed “Mckillme” and have a very bad reputation. So I’m not sure if it was the stiches or working out that left the scars, just be careful and get a few opinions.

If you are really worried about the girls boyfriend then convince the doctors to wire her mouth in an O shape.

The stitches are in the back of your head, right? Well, you’d obviously want to avoid bench press for a while. Other than that, you’re going to be dealing with some pain for a while due to increased blood pressure, but you shouldn’t have a lot of pulling on the wound (I’m assuming it’s in the scalp, but I may be wrong). I’d say go ahead and train at a reduced intensity, and slowly increase the intensity over say three weeks. If you get any bleeding, stop the session immediately (though after about a week there should be VERY little danger of the wound re-opening). As for scarring, it really depends on the person. My ex scarred very easily, as do I. I’ve seen others who almost have to amputate a limb before any visible scarring is present.

To freebie, i know, i know pain is temporary, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever…I’m really not that down, things could of been a alot worse, I, just down about the gym, I miss her…To steelyeyes and cache, i guess will have to wait till the stitches are out, thats what i figured but i was hoping for some medical expert to come here and say “no prob, go for it”, by the way McKillme, i love it, the hospital down here (not the one i went to) is nick named Sara Worse cause your always worse after you leave. And to the mage, I’ll be sure to suggest the O shape. Thanks everyone. ScottyDog

Do pull the stitches. Their purpose is the keep the wound shut. Be creative and find a way to work around the injury. Now would be a great time to focus on your smaller out of balance muscles (Cuffs, Calves, Forearms). Stay away from big exercises, because raising your blood pressure could cause you wound to leak, thereby slowing the healing. Best O’Luck.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled and once i woke up from the gas i was doing free weight squats and pushups, although all the dr’s bitched at me. Do what feels best to you, if you feel good lift, if its gonna make you do shitty wos skip. COuntless times weve lifted with stiches in no biggie, just dont bust them open, the dr’s get pissed!