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Stirring the S@#$

What would you speculate the differences in body comp, muscle mass, and athletic performance would be if two identical twins were trained by the same coach(in other words ALL things being equal) the only 2 differences being one used kettlebells and Low-Carb Grow! for the majority of protein requirements, the other used the same weighted dumbells and 0% milkfat cottage cheese for protein requirements. The reason I ask is, some people have an almost religious devotion to these training methods and or supplements, but really at the end of a year whose results would fare superior?

“Too many composers become involved in intellectual speculation which seems to matter more to them than the sound that comes out of all this speculation.” - Louise Talma

What are you hoping to accomplish with this post? It seems to be to solicit pointless speculation. If you were to attempt a controlled version of this experiment on yourself and were to report the difference in your athletic performance as a result, then I, and I’m assuming others, would surely be interested.



I don’t think there would be any difference. It’s just different forms of weight, and different forms of protein.

Maybe, there’d be a bit more strength due to the off-balance nature of kettleballs. But yeah… who knows? I’ll stick with the dumbells and BOTH forms of protein myself.

Who do you think would win in a fight? Jesus or the East Bunny?

Seriously, speculating about an experiment that would be impossible to pull off is just silly.