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Stinky Sneezes?


anyone have them?

I dunno what it is, but sometimes when I sneeze they stink. Like, roll down the car windows stink.


Very odd.

Maybe you should check your drawers. Perhaps you farted at the same time.


Brush your teeth.

Bathing is nice too.


Yeah, I read somewhere it could be a dental issue. I brush twice per day and use Listerine twice per day.
I bought another toothbrush to brush during the middle of the day at work, just haven't started yet.

My breath is usually good, but it's the sneezes that will sometimes, yeah...

And I bathe :wink: twice per day usually


Upon further thought, how's your digestion?
Do you have a lot of acid reflux? Maybe your esophageal sphincter is not closing properly and allowing digestive gases to rise out up into your mouth during a sneeze.


It looks like you and Iron Dwarf live close enough to each other that yall can work together, get this hammered out, and report back.


Yeah, ocasionally I have one that smells like damp hay. I have been told that it is a reaction that your body's defense have to mold spores. The stuff that gets stuck in you nasal cavity and lungs get flushed out when you sneeze leaving them in the air.


Dental issue, Sinuses, GI, Lower Respiratory, rectal fricative....could be any number of things. Some places in the human body just do not smell "fresh" though, so it may not even be anything abnormal.


Maybe you're dead on the inside?





In the Middle Ages, it was believed that if you didn't cover your mouth when you yawned or sneezed, you could allow evil spirits the opportunity to enter your body.

Yes, demonic possession by way of allergies.

It is my firm medical opinion that you may be possessed.

That would explain the smell and your posts on this site.

Solution: Catholic Priest...assuming you are above the age of 12 you should have nothing to worry about.


I second you're dead on the inside. It seems the zombie apocolypse is closer than we think. Wierd that the tissue starts dying in the nasal cavities first, I would have thought someplace else.

Have you ever tried a Neti Pot? No? Neither have I but I have heard that it does a nice job of cleaning out your sinuses. Also do you have a cat? Maybe you are snoring at night and the cat lays on your face trying to shut you up. Or maybe you have more spiders in your house than normal and they crawl up there and die in your sleep giving your sinuses the rotting spider corpse flavor.

Just some ideas.



They make filtered underwear, just wear some of those on your head.


That's weird. When you brush your teeth, be sure and brush as far back on your tongue asyou can reach.

Also, try doing a nasal irrigation with a saline solution. My boss has nasal issues. He said he got one of those Water Picks for your teeth. He modified one of the attachments to suit his nose and he irrigates with saline every morning.

He does it over the sink so the solution goes in his nose, through his sinus cavity and out his mouth. Couple minutes each nostril. He says it works wonders.


Good point, while true, this is not the root of the problem.


stop making shit up, lol what is this


no acid reflux


I use a Neti Pot! It doesn't do anything for my sinuses, but it sure clears my colon. The little pot irritates my anus though. I will read the instructions again because maybe the angle is all wrong.



Strange smells, just so no one says I ignored this completely, could be indicative of neurological disorders.