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Stinky Fish Oil

Happy New Year everyone!
Just purchased a bottle (liquid form) of fish oil. It is supposed to be lemon flavored but is still quite fishy. I have tried mixing it in with my chocolate low carb grow shake but it still tastes like ass.

Has anyone else had any success mixing this with anything else?Help!!!

There’s not much you can mix fish oil with to mask the flavor. Just choke the stuff down. What you can do is take 10g or so of metamucil to prevent burping, it helps a lot.

I just bought a bottle of Carlson’s fish oil, lemon flavored. I can’t taste the fish at all. But I’m not going to mix lemon with my chocolate Grow. Lemon and chocolate? Eeew! (By the way, use a teaspoon of powdered lecithin to keep the oils from clumping in a shake.) Just a few weeks ago somebody had a recipe for salad dressing that might work well with lemon flavored fish oil. I think they used flax oil, but I think fish oil will work also. Once you get some Italian seasoning into the dressing, it should hide a fish taste. Try to do a search on the forum for salad dressing.

Dr Eric Serrano and Charles Poliquin both say that Twinlabs fish oil is exellant quality. I use the emulsifed versions which are flavored and are not as nasty as the straight oils. I chase a TBSP with a cranrasperry because the cranberry clears the tastebuds. I dont burp the emulsifed oils either, but metamucil may bind some of the fats so be careful with that. Be sure to take a vit E with your oils. I take 200 mg Vit E with each dose, am and pm. Take 200mg if the back lable says d-alpha tocopherol or 400 mg if it say dl-alpha tocopherol. the dl is the synthetic version of Vit E of which your body supposedly does not use the l version.

I can stomach more than most yet the fish oil can be a little much for me. I use honey to mask it when I put it in my whey drink (vinilla). I do this to whey drinks I give my son and girlfriend and they can’t tell the fish oil is in there. If they knew thwy wouldn’t drink it.

BodyIQ, I use the same lemon-lime fish oil that you do. I add it to my canned tuna and seem to notice the lemon-lime flavor more than any fishy flavor. I’ve added it to my vanilla LC Grow and once again seemed to notice the lemon-lime more than the fishy flavor. I was not enthusiastic about the flavor in the beginning, but don’t seem to notice it at all now.

Back to the tuna solution, I’d be sure to add in some mayo, diced garlic, onions, tabasco – whatever makes tuna salad taste good to you. Throw it on top of some mixed greens, and it really shouldn’t be too much a problem. Myself, I was highly motivated by the low price and have made it work; 6g of EPA/DHA is expensive otherwise. Other than that, if you can’t get past the taste, I’d go with capsules.

Gosh, I really missed an opportunity, here, BodyIQ. Have you tried the old clothes-pin-on-the-nose trick?

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll find a way to make this work as my local vitamin store sells it to me for $5.75 a bottle (great deal). I just can’t deal with any MORE capsules.

Hey, a shot of Tequila tastes like shit too, but that doesn’t stop most people! Seriously, take a moment to visualize the good you are doing for your body, and then take it and chase it with something that tastes great to you. Then chew on some gum for awhile.