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Stink Bugs, Grossest Story Ever


Okay, I'm not sure this will translate nationally. Up here in the Northeast, we have been invaded by a non-indigenous species of beetle known affectionately as a "stink bug" (because of the distinctive odor they omit when threatened). They are impossible to keep out of your home. I have at least a dozen in my home at any given time - I live rurally on 7 acres. You can wake up every day and kill them...and you will continue to wake up every day to kill them, until the cold weather comes again.

Anyway, I was in my kitchen, using a kitchen mortar and pestle to crush some walnut for my oatmeal. I'm crushing away, crushing away, grinding. At some point, I must have stopped, and then returned to the task. As I continue crushing, I notice a dark object in my walnut dust that just doesn't look right. Thankfully, instead of chalking it up to a piece of dark shell or something, I actually pulled it out and yes, you probably guessed it; it was a smashed up stink bug.

Fucking EWWW. If I had not been paying closer attention, I would have eaten oatmeal, with a scoop of protein powder and peanut butter (yummy), crushed walnut topped off with a stink bug.



Forgot to mention; was making son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich a few days ago. Open the peanut butter. Yup. You guessed it. Stink bug laying on top. AAAAAARRRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's freaking nasty! At least you didn't eat it, who knows how your stomach would have take that.

We have those little buggers here in the Missouri too, they are generally not real bad. Sometimes when you kill them they will release the stink, smells like death, literally.


For those of you not familiar with these pests, they're actual size of the pic BG posted.

Okay, that's a lie. But these fuckers ARE a nuisance here in Joizy, and I even killed several in my home throughout winter (not by smashing the stinky fuckers, but by putting them outside to freeze to death).


Eh, probably every packaged food you eat (frozen spinach comes to mind) is full of ground up nasties. Extra protein?


I hate these fucking things. We had hundreds of them inside our house last year, and I've killed at least 3 a day since winter started.

I hear this year is supposed to be worse than last year. If those fuckers want a war, I'll give em one.


Are they natural or introduced?


Native to Asia. We had stinkbugs but they are a different kind.

Read this:



Stink bugs love blackberries and Raspberries. I was picking someone blackberries one day and grabbed up a hand full of berries and threw them in my mouth. Those god damned bugs taste just like they smell.


Horrible smelling bugs, we get them back in South Africa too.

I ate one when I was a kid, beat that.


One of the things I surely do not miss about Texas are those fuckers, roaches and ants.


Okay... I know you didn't eat the concoction but I just threw a lil' in my mouth... and that beetle looks disgusting.


You gotta be kidding right??

Can't eat my dinner now... damn...


they're comin out again like crazy here in MD


Same here.

We get Elder bugs by the shitload, also.


that thing looks like it eats black widows,lol

i had a plate of food last night on the counter. I turn my back for about 10 secs and there's a stink bug on the plate right next to my food.

Last week I took a folder downstairs. It was there maybe 30 mins at most, I go to open it up and there was one in it. WTF. I think it's gonna be just as bad as it was in the fall with these things


They have been predicted to be worse this year in our region. I fucking despise them. They are actually believed to have first appeared in PA.


Two things I don't miss about (Southern) New Jersey (besides traffic and douchebags):

Greenheads and Stink Bugs


We have those kind plus these right now.


I was having some coffee (made in-house) at work a few years back. I took a swig and felt something in my mouth. I spit it out and it was half a cock roach. I emptied the coffee cup and the other half wasn't there. I pretty much assumed that I drank the other half unwittingly. It was a pretty unpleasant thought.


Damn right! Plus, in the past 5 years fuckin' Cave Crickets have taken over. They look like big spiders that jump like crazy.