Stinging Nettle Root Extract for E2??

I am currently on test cyp 100mg/wk. My doctor has not prescribed an AI and I did not have baseline E2 levels drawn. I am due for lab work after 5/26 for which I asked him to add E2 level. I do not wish to go this long without an AI as I have read that as T increases so does E levels. A friend at the gym suggested taking Nettle Root Extract as it increases free T by binding to SHBG, as well as decreasing E2 levels. Has anyone tried this and what dose? Plus if I end up on an AI coupled with taking the Nettle Root, will this drop my E2 too far? Thanks.

You may not need an AI on 100mg a week. I seem to be in the minority. I still had high E symptoms on 100 mg/wk.

If you haven’t split your 100mg dose into 2 injections per week, ( every 3.5 days) you may want to try that. The recommendations I’ve heard say that try a new protocol for about 6 weeks, then get levels tested.

I had E2 levels of 49pg/mL on only 50mg test-cyp/week. On 100/wk it would be skyhigh for me.

The trouble with herbal supplementation for me is I just cant trust the contents OR the “results”. Many extract varieties cost way more and supposedly give you the compound you seek, or do they? Then they have ones that grind the entire herb into capsules without condensing the medicinal product and these are about half the price. There just isn’t enough data or proof of anything. Chances are without getting fresh herbs prepped by an ayervedic physician you aren’t getting the benefits intended.

JUst as an example: the Cochrane Collaboration is a highly respected meta-analysis group that studies all the best available research studies and release a more definitive result. I was looking into supplementing with Saw Palmetto for prostate symptoms and checked the research. Cochrane basically stated that saw palmetto is no better than the placebo in all aspects AND has unwanted side-effects! SO not only is it BS it makes you worse off!

Just get some RC adex.

My E2 got up to 65 on 100mg/week (from a baseline of 22). Seems not unusual.

I did get a prescription for Anastrozole from my doctor, but have since switched to getting it from an online pharmacy. It was readily available there without any need for a prescription.