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Stinging Nettle Root & DHT Side Effects

I have now learned that the sudden back acne never before seen has coincided with the onset of some hairloss. This occurred because I did not want to lose my gains from a prednisone cycle I had to hop on, previously I have lost as much as 60 lbs on prednisone.

I zoomed the T injections into the stratosphere when I no longer felt the effect, which prednisone was cancelling out. I realized it was futile and stopped that experiment. However I now understand where my first every back/shoulder breakout of acne came from when a balding co-worker pointed out that at 46 I had pretty thick hair. Well I tugged on the hairline and the crown OH MY strands came out !!!

I now understand both symptoms are caused by DHT. That wave of excess DHT is subsiding as the acne is disappearing however DHT gets trapped ( forever ? ) in the hair follicle so the question is what do I do now ? Dad and grandpa had the normal receding hair line, an ever deepening M and I see some saying on cycle ‘shedding’ will reverse in cases where ‘baldness’ is not expected.

What can I do to flush out the existing DHT and does Stinging Nettle help or hurt the hair ? I see arguements going both ways, I think its great for boosting free T but pretty hard to tell if it is helping or hurting with embedded DHT. I started using it about the same time so it is hard to tell.

Your DHT levels will fall to normal of their own accord. They do not get trapped forever in the hair follicule


I learned that you shed 100 hairs per day.

I worked from home several days and did not bother to bathe, I wonder if what I pulled was just some die off ready to go. Could be a false alarm.

Since I happen to have a bottle of deca which does not convert to DHT at all I may just use that and allow my system to completely deplete the existing DHT, then go low dose T until the HCG has clearly done its job and stop/PCT/Bloodwork.

Libido is off the charts from the adex and the 250 EOD HCG so I can take the hit there from the nandrolone in small amounts say 100mg per week for 2 weeks with zero test until fully ‘rinsed’ of DHT.

Prednisone can cause major hair loss. It can be very catabolic. Bone loss can be high and connective tissue can fail. Stay away from that shit!

Deca only can be very bogus as well. Use with some T.

You do not need a worst enemy.

This should be on the steroid forum.

Try a topical DHT blocker. Shampoo.

You can buy it as a research chem or over the counter as nizoral. You can get it for pretty cheap at walmart.

I dont really have hairloss in my family, but I like to use it just because it keeps my hair super thick (even more so than normal).

Wow I can get it at walmart, makes your hair thicker, count me in !

KSman, prednisone is so nasty, I was on 120 mg when hospitalized took me months to get off - went down to 130 lbs. This why when I needed 40mg for 8 weeks recently I stopped at 2 weeks and kept the rest in reserve - still at 185 lbs. My adrenals were already shutting down so it was tough to make a hard stop. I made the stop and consequently took a step back in the gut inflamation dept, still working on that.

The HCG is incredible, 250 IU EOD and I cannot believe how quickly my body responded.