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Stinging Nettle and Anastrozole Questions



I've lurked on the forum for a little while. Thanks to all of you who have invested time in gathering together information and experiences and sharing it with us.

I am a young (<40) patient on TRT. I initially responded well to a treatment of Testim 7.5g daily, experiencing little rise in Estradiol levels relative to Testosterone. This may be because I have always maintained pretty low bodyfat (< 12%) and an aggressive exercise regimen. After about six months of treatment I had Free Levels in the middle of the normal range and felt so-so.

About a year later the symptoms of hypogonadism are worse. Blood work seems to suggest that Estradiol is binding Testosterone:

Total T: 703 ng/dl (250-1100)
Free T: 105 ng/dl (46-224)
Estradiol 40 pg/ml (13-54)
SHBG: 30 nmol/l (7-49)

I understand from reading past threads that forum consensus is that TRT should often be accompanied by Arimidex to lower Estradiol. I am in the process of looking for a doctor who is interested in getting down into the weeds and adjusting levels even though I am within the normal reference range, but I have not yet find one. Moreover, I have determined that my insurance will not cover Arimidex, and that the cost is prohibitive ($300/month). I have three questions:

1) Are there other forms of Anastrozole that are less expensive than Arimidex? Do these require a prescription?
2) Is is possible that lowering SHBG could positively affect my hormone levels by freeing up Testosterone? Is Stinging Nettle Root a viable option to choose for this purpose?
3) What other ways are there to reduce estradiol and SHBG to positively affect Free T levels? I already take the following steps:

No drinking out of plastic/ heating or storing food in plastic
Daily Zinc, Magnesium, and B6 (~ZMA)
4000-5000 IUs Vitamin D daily
Fish Oil
Little to no alcohol consumption; nicotine intake
Diet is Paleo with exceptions for dairy and peanut butter and fairly low carb intake (Is it possible that I might need more insulin to drive down SHBG?)

Thanks for your help,


Lowering e2 with adex can bring down shbg down as well over time


You can get Liquidex on the internet (liquid arimidex). It is for "research purposes only" and would be illegal for you to take without prescription. However, it cost about $55 for 30mg and that will last you around 6 months.


Price seems high. mine was a 60 mL (at 1 mg/mL) bottle for about $70. Should last well over a year (0.5 mg/week)