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Stimulus Jobs FAIL in L.A.



L.A. Controller Wendy Greuel said the job numbers were underwhelming. "I'm disappointed that we've only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million in [stimulus] funds," Greuel said. "With our local unemployment rate over 12 percent, we need to do a better job cutting the red tape and putting Angelenos back to work."

Great work Obama, you spent $2 million of our tax dollars per job created or saved. Fucking loser.


..just imagine what you could've done with those trillions of dollars if Bush hadn't invaded Iraq...


actually, the iraq war is cheaper than the stimulous. second the war has probably created more jobs.


I cannot seem to see where my post mentions how Bush's invasion of Iraq was cost efficient. Please show me where I said that, or is mentioned in the link I posted.

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Way to stay on topic douche.


I hope that this finally proves to people that in order to be an effective leader you actually have to have some executive experience, and of course not being a socialist would help as well. Whenever you try to create artificial jobs by increasing debt and stealing money from people who actually earned it, well we can see it doesn't work.

At a point in our history where we really needed a leader to step up and turn us in the right direction we got sparky the neighborhood community organizer who thinks Karl Marx is a swell guy.

Hope & change what a joke, a very, very bad joke.


A socialist without executive experience is actually funny.


You call it funny, I call it fucking scary.


So L.A. fucks it up, and it's Obama's fault.

Yeah I see the logic in that.


You should, because the whole argument against socialism is that it cannot be done.

He might as well have demanded that they bottle lightning.


How did the point of this story go screaming directly over your head? How did that happen? Come on really.


The funny thing is that if you believe in top down management of an economy, should you not know how to run things?


Makes me wonder where the money actually went.


Yes and here is why...

In many respects, Los Angeles is a glimpse of what socialism would do/could do to America. We have the most democratic legislature in the country, resulting in ALL of the following...

The highest taxes in the country.

The 2nd to worst schools in the country.

The worst business and overall economic climate in the country.

35% of the whole country's welfare recipients residing here in the state.

The 3rd highest rate of unemployment in the country.

A statewide Global Varming Law passed and soon to be enacted.

A very high rate of business owners leaving the state at record pace, only to be replaced by low income, low-skilled illegal aliens. The population of the state has not changed despite thousands leaving, wanna take a guess who is replacing them?

Can you now see why Socialism is a mental disorder? Or do you actually have to wait for O'blunder and his cronies to actually drive the country into bankruptcy?

Hulk, this is all about simple math. You know why I love math?... Because it doesn't lie. If you spend more than you take in, then you will drown in debt. If you think on raising taxes, there is a limited point where people revolt (which happened here in May 2009 when the people voted down a tax increase.)


Having grown up in Cuba, I can tell you that Socialists/Communists THINK they know how to run an economy, but they actually don't know. They are smart, no denying that. Their problem is that they think they know everything. :slight_smile:

Here is a fun example..... One of the Socialist Economic questions my parents had to study were: "What is the value of potatoes? What is the value of oranges? And what is the difference in their value?"
Now remember this is not a monetary economy, so there is no PRICE level, no Demand level, and the Supply level is dictated by orders of the state.

How, I asked my parents, did you figure this shit out??? They said they didn't, they just bullshitted their way around it. And so did their instructors, and so did the Soviet economic theory books they had to read.


The Cubans just laid off 500,000 government workers, imagine that, Communists reducing government, the sky is falling.


Raul is trying to follow the Chinese Authoritarian system:
-Economic capitalism, but political power in the hands of the Communist Party.

Like the joke says: "Signal left, but turn right."

nevertheless.... Cuba ain't China, and that shit ain't gonna work. Fidel knows it, that is why "reforms" have been so slow to occur.




All they now have to do is get to the US illegally, since legal immigration doesn't matter anymore, and Obama will give them all a government job since that is the biggest job growth sector in the US. This is going to work out great!


Most of it went to the government and union pensions, how else are they going to pay for that beast.