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Stimulating Upper Body Musculature Before Loaded Carries

I was wondering what thoughts are on doing a quick 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps with light weight rotating curls, or little mid/anterior delt work(band pull aparts), something that hits the mid traps/rhomboids(facepull type thing), or some ab work before doing farmers walks? Currently I’m attempting to do farmer’s walks as the third exercise of the Triumvirate layout following trap bar deadlift or back squat, and barbell RFESS.

Would that stimulation of biceps/delts/traps/abs prior to farmer’s walks improve those area’s response to the famer’s walks?

I was thinkin’ if one either did a little short rest light metabolic/pump type sets for the previously mentioned areas either prior to the farmer’s walks or on rest/recovery intervals during the farmer’s walk portion of a workout there might be some CNS irradiation that’d facilitate further activation or muscle growth.

Farmers walks are a full body exercise. This won’t matter.

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I don’t like doing bicep work, especially if you get a big pump, and following it with farmers (or anything) which stretches the biceps and then makes the biceps to work against the weight pulling down. I see some people do biceps as a warm up to deadlifts and I just can’t watch. YMMV.

I think if you were going to do some type of activation before doing a farmers walk, you would probably focus on your core. Maybe some type of breathing and bracing protocol beforehand. But if your doing it after a heavy lower body movement you probably should have covered that base before starting your warmups for your main work.