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Stimulating Growth s/ 3x10?


I can't workout for more than 30-45 minutes at a time before i loose motivation, exercises like deadlifting and cruches specifically are hard for to do more than 2 or 3 sets before i loose interest and get tired. 3 sets 10 reps enough for growth stimulation?


Go back to your spinning class then. Lifting weight's and getting big is about being obsessive, ocd, and glutenous with masochist tendencies. If you want to actually lift then read below and stop whining about it burning or getting bored, its not supposed to rub you the right way and give you butterfly's when you lift.

Research your Big 4 exercises, Deadlifts, Benchpress, Squats, Bentover Rows and add a few support exercises in like Curls, Tricep exstensions, and Front squats all the while eat 1.5-2 grams of protein per lean lb of body mass you have and take out your tampon.

PS-Please do your research and toughen up, only you can man up and we don't sell man pills.


thx for that irrelevant post


Don't ask a question then say that someone who is actually trying to help you posted something irrelevant.

They could of just told you to punt and use the search function.


As i have states in past posts I am not in a spot to give advice.
But Lj is right. Just like anything worth while its about pushing past the fun and feel good and doing what you gotta do if it loses its interest.
Hard to do? Ist that the aim?


that was actually pretty encouraging! isnt that what you were looking for? someone to encourage you to lift since you dont have the will power to do it on your own? find a reason to lift! start with wanting to become a man so you can lift heavier and heavier weights! thatll keep you motivated


i like to think i am


Your sounding like a clone of Type2b, you asked and we try to help and you then tell us its irrelevant. Seriously, you remind me of that story I read a while back about the Grunt Button in World fitness or whatever and the guys got kicked out cause they were working out, grunting and moving weight.

Anyhow, the advice has been given so ethier take or or leave it and go back to Jazzercising


You're wrong.


OP: Why are you lifting? You say "growth stimulation", OK. If you want a serious answer, you'll need to provide more details - but most importantly, no one can gauge your intensity, or issue a blanket statement on whether x sets and y reps is enough or not.

Three questions you may want to ask yourself:
What are your goals?
What are you doing to reach those goals?
Are you making progress?


If you really can't workout that long, just make sure you have at least one set that counts for every exercise that you do. Go to failure on that set (after warming up using lighter weights of course), or even do rest pause if you have to, but I doubt you need it at this stage. Make sure you progress by doing more reps or increasing the weight every workout. Check out Max-OT for a short, intense and effective workout.


There is an article that I will upload later that talks about how people misuse the term "shocking your muslces into growth". I have come to learn, (the hard way,) that progression is all that matters. Don't look for "stimulation," look for progress. Adaptive training is what they call it I believe. You have enough time to get some form of strength training in. I used to do pushups at night for ten minutes. Every night I would try and get at leasta one more. That was my way of getting stronger. It worked, (for pushups anywayy.) Don't make it too complicated. Pick a few exercises and get stonger at them.


irrelevant post?
Are you on drugs?


Well, it boils down to this. As a lifter, you are a looser.


Just do 3x5 instead. If you have been lifting long enough to where you have decent form, then go with EDT. I doubt this is the case though, so if you do go with EDT, maybe stick with machines.


i can't jerk my cock for more than 20 mins before i come.

come on mann, you can make a killer training session in less than 30 mins if you put some EFFORT, as for LJ advice i doubt theres a more useful advice.


3x10 may be just fine for growth for you, but you do need to make that 3 intense sets of 10 tough reps, just as you would with any other set/rep scheme. 3 easy sets of 10 light reps will do you no good, same as an easy 5x5. Really, the first response, which seems to have hit a nerve with you, is dead on. It is up to you to challenge yourself, keep your sets intense. You will not require a whole lot of time to workout. Just keep it tough enough to matter.