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Stimulate vs. Annihilate

Can we have a discussion of these two training methods, please?

My goal is to get strong so i progressively lift a little more weight every week or add reps/sets with same weight as week before.

I am tall and pretty damn weak and i have long arms and long legs.

my stats:

Front squat 5x5 205lbs
SLDL 5x5 295(bar rests on floor for .5seconds before lifting again)
Incline BB bench press 5x5 205
Flat BB bench press 3x8 185(focusing on inclines, just got back to doing reg bench, i expect to explode past my incline in a solid month)

I don’t exactly want this discussion centered around me I want the big guys to come in here and point me and others in the right direction. I gave my stats in case any guys like me have any advice.

i weigh 205 naked. There is a pic of my back and bi’s in my profile.

How do i know when to stop lifting and when to continue for a given bodypart? I see some people who do crazy low frequency who are far more jacked then me. I see people who lift more intensely then me who are more jacked as well. I feel like i annihilate my muscles when i lift and sometimes i feel like i should stop when i can keep going. Lately i have had insane amounts of energy and i sweat and i get more sore then i did when i first started. I have been taking this seriously only for a couple months despite being a regular at a gym for the last 3 years.

I guess, all i want to know is if i should stimulate or annihilate my muscles to make them grow. or does it not even matter, just eat a lot and lift progressively heavier every week?

i don’t even know what i am trying to say.

This is what i did for my back today

3x8 bodyweight pull-ups
10X5 165lb barbell rows
3X5 135lb barbell push press
4X10 140lb seated cable rows
4x8 one armed t-bar rows (2x25lbs plates, slow eccentric lifting)
then i put the t-bar on my shoulder and did a one armed press type thing 3x8 50lbs.

i don’t even know the point of this thread anymore, i think i just need some guidance or something :confused:

You have to be a sort of scientist about all this. What works for someone else may not work for you, so you have to experiment with it.

As far as training volume, it’s pretty simple. Start with a low volume, and gradually increase it. Works well because you are gradually improving your work capacity in a given amount of time, which is one of the keys to hypertrophy. When you reach the point where your returns are diminishing and you feel like shit all the time because your exhausted, back off a little.

It’s all goal dependent, though. You know where you are, and you’re honest about it. Now figure out where you want to go, specifically. “Get stronger” is not a goal, it’s an idea.

A serious discussion is not possible because there is no real substance involved.

Perhaps you are getting these words from Lee Haney’s famous phrase “stimulate don’t annihilate.”

The thing is, you seem to be suggesting there’s a serious argument for the reverse as well, “Annihilate, don’t [just] stimulate.”

And you are asking for discussion comparing the two.

But given the meaning of the word “annihilate,” no one is saying that.

And if anyone is, then they are either misusing the word or are insane.

In your case, I am sure that it is simply that you are misusing the word. You are not “annihilating” your muscles.

Haney stated a truism. There is no real room for meaningful discussion of any potential opposite.

As for your most recent workout: 27 sets for a bodypart, even back, is generally more than optimal, as is 180-something reps, or whatever the exact total was.

When you are trying to decide when to stop focusing on a given muscle group, think like an artist. Stand yourself infront of a mirror and decide where you want to add more bulk in order to get the body that YOU want.