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Stimulants vs Inhibitors for the CNS

I remember about your Facebook post about neurotransmitters and CNS fatigue.
You said that people who can easily calm their nervous system are able to lift heavier more often.
What about the other types? Are there gabaergics and serotonergics they can take often to calm their CNS, or are those substances just too dangerous compared to stimulants?

There are natural stimulants to increase GABA, supplements that target the gabaergic receptors and you can eventake GABA itself. There are supplements that increase serotonin too. The thing is that the wrong dose could put you to sleep or leave you groggy. So if you take it and you still have to do your day, it might notbe optimal.

That’s why I normally stick with something simple and easy to manipulate: glycine. 3-5g post workout and in the evening will do the trick for most (in around 20% of the population it has a paradoxical effect and is actually excitory), magnesium can also hellp by dislocating adrenalin from theadrenergic receptors. Z12 is very effective in the evening as it will boost both GABA and serotonin. You could probably take a small dose (1capsules) post-workout to calm the brain down without inhibiting you too much.

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