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Stimulants Have No Effect


Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with stimulants seeming to have no effect on me, and I'm worried that I may have adrenal fatigue or something.

Here's the Cliffnotes of my back story: I started cutting July 2009. Until about July 2010, I was alternating several types of stimulants and doing fasted cardio a few days a week and lifting. After July 2010, I decided to give my body a break from a year long cut, stop cardio and stimulants, and just do kind of a slow bulk. For four weeks in November and December, I went back heavy and hard and was using ECA and doing fasted stairmills in addition to my usual lifting. My plan is to do that every few months in order to give myself a break from the stimulants and all that training.

Now, stimulants have no effect on me; I can drink a few cups of coffee and fall asleep right afterwards and ECA doesn't do anything.

Will this resolve by staying off stimulants for a while or is there something I should do to help?


What stimulants where you using?

You should just try laying of for a while. I have the same problem after periods with a lot of coffee - it sorta just stop working.

I doubt you have adrenal fatigue, whatever that means. If your adrenals were indeed out of order you would have additional symptoms.


Stimulants don't start affecting me until I get to real drugs like speed.

1-3-d is the best legal thing I've tried, but it won't do anything for fatburning, just energy and concentration.

It's just how it is. Some people drink a redbull and can't sleep for days; others could drink a case and go to bed.


Mostly ECA, but my realization about my resistance to stimulants came from regular coffee. I've been off ECA for about two weeks now, and I don't plan on going back on it for at least several months.

Should I just avoid all caffeine and everything for a while? Or is there some supplement or food option that would help get this back?


Stimulants have never done anything in terms of energy for me even when I first took them. Was that the case for you or has there been a noticeable change in effect?


Yeah, avoid caffeine for a while. Easy.


It may just be you. Caffeine has a negative effect on me. I never really noticed it til a few weeks ago, because I've never drank coffee. I took one of those five-hour energy shots at work once because I was tired, started falling asleep. Tried it a couple different times, same effect. Tried two at once, couldn't keep my eyes open.

I have one friend who drinks coffee to go to sleep.

I wouldn't say common, but it's not unheard of.


As a side note, I take a couple of days off of stimulants a week just to see if it helps. Sometimes I'll get a headache for an hour or two on the days off; I'm assuming from the lack of caffeine.


No, usually a few cups of coffee get me wired up. But, like I said, it did nothing for my recently.


Interesting, I've heard of people in which caffeine has little or no effect, but not anyone where it has a negative effect. I'm not sure if that was what happened to me (I only had about 5 hours of sleep the previous night) but it's an interesting consideration.

EasyRhino, I definitely think you're right. I'll try a cup of coffee several weeks down the line and see what happens.


I would stay clear of any stimulant for a few weeks. Im not sure how long, but if they dont work anyway you might just aswell not take them, right?

I remember this one morning where I was trying to figure out some confusing genetic data id made, and I kept on chugging down coffee because i was basically sitting in the kitchen. After a while i became really wired up, got a ton of work done, and had what i believe to be a minor anxiety attack and had to waddle myself, shakingly, to the gym where it took two hours of squatting to get back to normal. Caffeine sure as hell does work on me.

I like to take breaks once in a while, because the nice cognitive effect needs higher dosages when you been drinking a lot of coffee for a period of time. Then you'll need the megadoses and before you know it you're desperatly trying to squat your way out of a panic attack.


I'm one that can go to bed not long after drinking coffee too.

Also, I feel nothing when I take HOT-ROX. Whether they help burn fat is another thing...I'm not keeping precise records or anything, but I certainly never feel a buzz from them in any way.