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Stimulant's Effect on Your Mood


How do you guys find your mood is affected by stimulants? I'm not talking about coke, dope, etc but simply caffeine, ephedrine and others such as these. I myself find that my mood is usually massively elevated by these substances. When talking about this i'm also trying here to distinguish between a simple increase in energy and a genuine "shift" in your outlook/paradigm or whatever you want to call it. I find that when I take a a high dose caffeine/ephedrine/tyrosine stack I become mildly euphoric, have a more positive outlook on life and feel very sociable. Normally when in the gym I don't like to talk to people but when i'm in this "state" I have a strong desire to start random conversations with strangers, smile at people etc.

Anyone relate to this?


Caffeine makes me feel like a million dollars.

Not so much with the yohimbime and other herbal stuff.


I hear you on being sociable, with a black coffee in my hand I'm starting conversations with everyone.


Ephedrine is used to make crystal meth.


Yohimbine makes me feel like murdering people.


I definately feel my mood brighten when taking ephedrine.


Caffeine does if I haven't taken it in a while. I've gotta cut down...


Yes OP, I get all those feelings out of caffeine. Mildly euphoric, etc. But I pay for it later. Meaning the next day I'll be mildly withdrawn and lathargic without it. You don't get something for nothing. At least, I don't.