Stimulants and Sex Drive

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed any negative sexual side effects while taking a thermogenic or stimulant. I have had several experiences trying different types of thermogenics and energy boosting deals and don’t know exactly why this would be happening.

My hypothesis is that possibly these substances act as vasoconstrictors, I’m not sure if that is correct science or term for that matter and therefore might be reducing blood flow to the penis. I’m not saying that’s what it is, but that is the only thing I could think of.

The funny thing is, I do just fine with regular caffeine, and if anything it seems to increase sex drive/performance. Anyone else have similar experiences or insight into what may be going on. ?

I know from working at GNC alot of guys who take thermogenics experience sexual side effects…most noticably the ones associated with thinner blood.

Most of the pills are just caffeine so it is different then coffee.

Im gonna get flamed for bringing it up but alot of guys take NO2 or other arginine based prducts to conteract those effects.

[quote]speedy5323 wrote:
I was wondering if anyone else had noticed any negative sexual side effects while taking a thermogenic or stimulant. [/quote]

If you are referring to a difficulty maintaining erections, then high blood pressure can effect this. Thermogenics have been known to raise blood pressure a few points. So if this is already a problem, the pills might make it worse.

‘coke-dick’ … i had an ‘ephedrine killed my penis’ thread about a year ago … some of us are more sensitive to this stuff … i don’t recall the why and would have to dig into it a little to find out … ask anthony roberts … while he’s a steroid guy, he likely knows … or dig around yourself … i suggest laying off to just quit hanging around

Stimulants aren’t too nice to the body. Might just want to lay off and bust your ass in the gym while you’re eating clean. That could work out better for you. Anything that jeopardizes my dick just has to stay the fuck away.

Ephedrine makes my guy hide like a frightened turtle.

Yohimbe was great nuff said.

the reason being is that some stimulants work by increasing catecholamine levels (Adrenaline/ Noradrenaline/ Dopamine) which are the main neurotransmitters in the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response), this causes vasoconstriction to non essential/combative areas of the body specifically the urogenital and GI tract in order to reroute the blood to the brain heart lungs muscles etc.

therefore no blood = no hardon, this includes the amphetamine family, ephedrine, cocaine, methylphenidate etc.

why caffein doesnt have this effect is because its primary means of stimulation is by inhibiting adenosine receptors in your cortex which themselves are inhibitory (inhibit inhibition = stimulation) and thus only mildly and mostly indirectly activates the sympathetic nervous system.