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Stimulant Overuse, Lack of Motivation with Type 2A


Hey CT! Originally I was a 2A type. About a year ago I switched to a job that has me working about 270-300 hours/month. While physically non challenging (I sit all day), it’s a mentally draining job, often with situations that make me anxious or angry (sadly, I get angry easily). As a result, most of the time I was not motivated to train, and had not progressed for months. Training another day was usually not an option, so I started to use pre workouts to give me good sessions. This got to the point where now I basically cant train without them, I am not motovated to train untill I drank it… also I starting to notice I have the “flexor tightness posture” which you explained in your capsule. do you have any advicd to counteract this? To be able to train and be motivated to train without them? And what can I do eith the “flexor tightness”? Thanks in advance!
P.s funny stuff is, In the past 2 months I was still able to make some progress… and my main focus is buildig muscle if that counts. Thanks again! :slight_smile: