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Stimulant Free Fat Loss Substances


I am getting a bug in me to cap some pills lol.

I dont like to take stimulants for insomnia/anxiety, but this greatly limits the fat loss products I can take. Somehow I have lost fat without a fat burner so far, whodathought lol?

Anyways to bust a plateau I have come up with

Raspberry Keytone
ALCAR or L Carnitine
forskolin (not very stimulating IME)
CLA and Omega 3s (obviously not going to cap this)

Anybody know anything else I could add to a stim free fat stack?


I wonder if you could throw some fenugreek in there for Insulin control. Might be an idea..


400m sprints. best fat loss "supplement" I've found. If used correctly they will also make you more sleepy, instead of less.

You could take an ECA stack without the ephedrine and caffeine...


seriously though, the only thing I'd add to that stack is insulin sensitivity stuff- the fenugreek, cinnamon, fish oil, apple cider vinegar.


Assuming you're already drinking a shit-ton of water and upped your fibre intake,and are mixing it up with different cardio options-here's my two cents-

ECGC looks good,CLA I don't think is very effective for the price,raspberry keytones are a bit shakey science-wise from what I've read,ALCAR is also a bit questionable,and you have to still do a good deal of cardio,forskolin-not too familiar with it,Omega-3's-I'm sure you know all the benefits,its good shit whatever way you cut it.

I'm currently taking Apple Cider Vinegar,only been trying it a couple of weeks,
but good results so far,seems to really help suppress sugar/carb cravings-I haven't seen anything conclusive on it yet,but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence,and at the end of the day,it has a lot of known positive effects and ingredients.My digestion feels better immediately after taking a swig.Add it to salad dressings or barbecue sauce if you don't like the taste.

I'm also recently using Coconut Oil-it has been shown to favourably help shift fat and preserve muscle-again,it's one of those things you can't really go wrong with-its not a supplement,it's a food-put it in your salad dressings,fry with it (It has a high smoke point,so you can really fry away with it at a high heat without smoking the place out-great for stir-fries)

Also,if you like spicy food,slather some chilli or cayenne pepper sauce over as many foodstuffs as you can stomach.It ramps up your metabolism and digestion.Me? I'll chuck it on my eggs in the morning sometimes-you feel energized for the rest of the morning.


I have heard some good things about Syntheselen, it does need to be injected however, but it legal and non-stimulant.. as you requested :wink:

However i get the vague feeling an injection isn't any good as you wouldn't want to 'cap it'!

I have heard good things NOT just on the site they sponsor too - before i get called out! :slightly_smiling:


my theory on the real reason why ACV helps with weight loss: because after taking a shot of it you wont want to eat anything for a few hours.


Ha ha!,nah,you get used to it,its quite refreshing if you put a shot in a pint glass of squash or fizzy mineral water with a splash of lemon juice.


You would think.

Some brands taste absolutly disgusting. In my experience the cheaper the worst tasting. I like Barleens.


if youre low carbing it 10mg twice a day of yohombine works well, am before cardio or even after a p/f meal and the other dose around noonish, no later than 5 if u want to sleep. ive read carbs/insulin negates the effect of yhcl (not the vasodialation part), dunno how true it is, i low carb/ckd anyways for diet.

helps for other things especially at the tail end of the diet when you're dropping cals/fats pretty low.


CaliforniaLaw wrote about his experience on a supplement called Fucoxanthin in the "Things I Can't Prove, But Believe" thread in the Alpha Cell. I actually started taking it also. Here's the link. Top post.



Ive got coconut oil, actually, I use it in cooking a lot.

yohimbine I can tolerate to 5mg, then it gets iffy.


Carbolin 19....works great for leaning