Stimulant Alternatives to Caffeine?

Recently I’ve felt the need to have a little bit of a kick in energy during the day, especially in the morning at school, probably in part due to the fact that I’ve been dieting and possibly because I get slightly less sleep than I’d like to.

Caffeine doesn’t seem to do anything: I can have even 5 coffees in a row and I don’t notice the slightest effect.

What are the best alternatives to it? I know nicotine is an option used by some, and I don’t smoke so I am probably quite sensitive to it, but I’m not sure if it’s worth taking.

Do you know any reasonably risk-free mild stimulants that I could experiment with?
Plz help, I might fall asleep within the next 10 minutes lol

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The kick from nicotine is brief, tolerance builds quickly, and it is highly addictive.

Other than that, I got nothing for ya. Those two substances are their own food group for me.

yohimbine, ephedrine, both kicked the crap out of me

  1. Try Bronkaid and caffeine tablets. No need for coffee just for the bump.
  2. You can also get clenbuterol as a “research chemical”.
  3. Vinpocetine is an herbal vasodialtor that can give you the pump you want. But be careful, too much and it makes you feel weird.

Theacrine. Similar effect. No tolerance buildup.


Also, maybe you should lay off the stims for a little while.

Even 2 weeks off gave me awesome results.

A need for a stimulant is a sure sign things are not right. If you are normally a coffee drinker, and you are no longer caffeine sensitive, then things are certainly not right. A period of abstinence is a better bet. Start messing around with some of the suggestions offered and you’re asking for trouble.

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I used to take caffeine pills and one time I stupidly took 800 mg at once. Incredibly, I experienced NO effect whatsoever.

@anon10035199 for some reason I’m unable to quote messages anymore but anyway… Yes I did try laying off coffee altogether, as there are periods I drink quite a bit and then I go some time without. Still, I can’t remember having ever been sensitive to it. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to feel like but even if I have 3 coffees in a row I feel nothing.

@JamesBrawn007 I tried abstaining. In fact, I only started this week drinking up to 5 coffees a day, before that I had maybe two or three a week.

Bottom line, my body seems to just not know what to do with the caffeine lol

Let’s not do that again. LOL

Try the bronkaid. Its not old school ephedrine but its not bad. Helps with focus and doesnt make you jittery (at least not me)

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