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Still Worth Getting an Iphone?


My current contract is about to run out and the phone company is calling asking if I want to upgrade to an iphone however I'm thinking that they are due for an upgrade do people here think its worth waiting or should I just upgrade now?


Was it ever worth getting an iphone?


I thought I heard the new version will be out in June? Not sure. I love my iPhone.


i'd wait another 1-2 months to see what the upgrades are


yes. you must not have one


yeah thats what I have heard however apple isnt confirming anything, it will drive me nuts if I get one now and turn around june they release a new model....I have an itouch at the moment, and its great to use...however the lack of memory(only 8gb, was a x-mas present when they first came out) and lack of being able to get on the internet without wireless internet being present is quite annoying at times


Throw that Iphone in the trash.


It was never worth having an iPhone.


if you're into electronics it's really the only way to go


verizon will have the iphone this coming year


If you're into overpriced, overhyped, technologically-average electronics with mostly useless features, it's the way to go.


If you can wait until June 8th, it's expected that if a new iPhone is announced, it will be at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference. If nothing gets announced by then, it will probably be a while still before a new iPhone comes out.

As far as Verizon having it in 2009? That's doubtful. AT&T is looking to sign another deal keeping it exclusive through 2011. I heard the earliest Verizon might have it would be 2010 and that only if the exclusive deal with AT&T doesn't get resigned.


If you do a Google search for "Verizon iPhone 2009", nearly very result that says it might come out in 2009 is from an article dated 2008 or earlier.

The Palm Pre on Sprint will be out in early June as well.


Buy an Ipod, get a Blackberry. Iphone's are for girly men.


http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone all you need to know. welcome.


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It never was worth it. Get a BB or a Nokia N96. They have real buttons :smiley:


It's worth getting an iphone. 'Jailbreaking' is a must, simply because the stock iphone is lame. No one should ever have to pay for ringtones or useless crap on a ugly black background. The iphone is a great tool, supports a ton of games available for purchase (or piracy). Internet + GPS has saved my ass a thousand times. I feel naked without it.

Right now I wish the HTC Diamond was available when I was looking for my phone. Consider looking into that as well, since it's somewhat similar.


I got an iPhone a week and a half ago and I really like it. It won't connect to my laptop via bluetooth, but that's what the cord is for. I'm happy with my decision. Your mileage may vary.


I'd pre-order a Nokia N97 before buying an iphone