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Still Working on Snatch Technique


Hey Coach Thibs. You’ve given me some very good snatch help in the past and I’m still hammering away at it. Here is a complex i did today of:

Snatch + snatch balance + overhead squat

I’m looking for help specifically with the snatch but I’ll post the whole complex in case the other movements show what may be deficient in the snatch. As always your feedback is greatly appreciated


From what I see, you start with your shoulders behind the bar/bar too close to the shins (bar swings out to pass the knee and you land on the balls of your feet) and you’re bending your arms as soon as you pass your knees. Other than slight collapsing of the left knee inward, I think playing with your starting position ]and first pull would help.

I spent about 2 weeks tinkering with my starting hip/head position and the pull; it fixed a few issues with my technique. Something to try.



Good recommendations earlier… ideally in the starting position the knees would not “peak” past the arms.


Certainly good for a bit more. You lose some tension in the pocket. Engage the lats to pull the bar in— only with lats and rear delts. Not a pull from the elbows.

It was tough to tell but I didn’t see much heel pressure, possibly room to get there, and be patient to transfer more through the power position.

I think some mild tweaks and you could see some consistency in some heavier snatches.

Keep up the effort, post more videos and there will probably be some other lifters with good cues. Don’t overthink it.


Thanks for or the feedback guys. I’ll keep hammering away