Still Thinking About a Cool Title for This Log

Alright, I decided to start an online journal chronicling my training for a meet I have in November. The meet is 135 days away so that should give me ample time to prepare and beat all of my PRs.
I’ll be doing a 4 day split with 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days. I’ll occasionally throw in an extra workout on weekends, mostly focusing on fun stuff like prowler sprints and farmers walks. I’m 20 years old, 5’11 and approx 238lbs right now.

I’ll be competing in either the 242s or 275s depending on how my body responds to increased stress in the fall as the meet draws closer. The next 7-8 weeks will focus on getting to about 225lbs BW, then we’ll wing it from there. Will post first workout of new training cycle in the morning, getting a new training partner so it should be good.

God I’m so excited to follow this log!!!



First morning workout of the summer. Woke up and drove straight to the gym so it took a while for me to warm up. Strength was a little funky this early in the morning but whatever, still got in a decent session. As previously mentioned I started working out with a training partner, which is awesome. Today was shoulders triceps and a little chest.

Standing OHP: 2254 and 1856<- This is down from last week.
Dips: 15,15,15
Laterals: Three sets of 10 with the 35s. Felt good. Have been doing HS lateral raise machine and it’s hurt my shoulder. These felt a lot better.
Rear Delt fly machine: 89kg9, 61kg17.5
Front raises: Three sets of 10 with the 35s.
Tricep Pushdowns:60kg12, 70kg12, 80kg12, 90kg10

And then off for work. All in all a pretty decent session. Got a nice pump going and felt pretty good.

Strong OHP. I am jelly.

Thanks bug :slight_smile: It’s definitely one of my strong points.

Had a so so workout. Were hitting legs but my glute wasn’t cooperative. When I got to 365 it decided to go on strike, which effectively ended the squats. Makes me sad :frowning:
So I just leg pressed instead. Pre-fatigue on the leg extension machine and then 8pps*17.

Awesome ohp! Thats a crazy leg press too. You’re amazin.

Awesome ohp! Thats a crazy leg press too. You’re amazin.

Thanks 385. Just wish my glute would heal up and be done with it so I could actually squat :confused:

Had a sweet chest/back session. My shoulder seems to be fully healed up and I generally felt good.

Incline Bench: 2455,5 and then 2258,10 bottom range partials
HS Iso Row: 22515 per side, then 17515 with a stop at the top per side
Lat Pullovers: 2309, 17512
Dips: This was pretty funny. My upper back just gave out and I couldn’t do any dips at all for a while. Got made fun off needless to say. Rested up and then knocked out some BW reps lol.
Alternating Bicep Curls: 65s8 then 45s10

And that was it.

Went in and did DLs today after doing upper back yesterday. Obv.affected performance but was still okay. Pulled 405*15 deadstop, no belt. Then did random hamstring and trap work.

Weighed in at 235.5lbs today.

Good solid session. Worked out later in the day. It helped.

Standing OHP:2256, 18510 yay!
Dips: 45lbs 12 reps
Laterals: 35s for reps, a few sets
Rear Delt Flies: 89kg8, 72kg13
DBTOE: Just some pump work
Tricep Pushdowns: Just some pump work.

Measured arms PWO, slightly over 47cm. Thinking with a good bicep pump carbup I might hit 48-9 soon. Will have an arm day to check asap.

good thing measurements in CM mean anything to people here…


You are just jelly bc yours are only 43cm.

Worked up to 365 on front squats. Then ditched bc my glute was feeling iffy and I decided to play it smart. So I pre-fatigued the fuck out of my quads, loaded 7 plates on the leg press and repped out until I almost hurled. Quads are already sore lol. I also did bicep work before squatting, 70s4, 60s8, 50s*10 per arm and some bicep pump work after I was done doing legs. Supersetted that with hamstring curls and then staggered out of the gym. Pretty nice.

Incline Bench: 2457, 2257,8(bottom range partials) That 245 set really drained me, causing lackluster performance in the next two sets. Oh well.
Dips: 1325lbs
Lat prefatigue one HS Iso Pulldown and then HS Iso Row: 175
20 with a nice squeeze at the top.
Lat Pullovers: 23513, 18012

And that was all folks.

233lbs today. Been having decent workouts. Got deep tissue massage(hurt like hell).

233lbs today. Been having decent workouts. Got deep tissue massage(hurt like hell).