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Still Skinnyfat

Hello guys, am a 21 year old guy from Sweden. My height is 6¨2 and am around 187 lbs, so i am normalweighted, but as soon as I get the clothes off I feel quite miserable, but with clothes on I feel completely normal.

But i dont categorize myself as fat, i look skinny with clothes on, but when the clothes are off, the body look so chubby. Lack of musclemass and a bit high bf(24-25%), with very visible love handles.

Is it any solution for this? Should I bulk, and add even more fat, and muscle? Or should I cut down as hell, without adding muscle, which I think is the main problem here. I look much more fat because I have low musclemass.

What do u reckommend? And what program? I am thinking of working out 4+ times a week, am currently doing a Upper/Lower.

My bodypics down below.

Nope, you have too much fat already.

Nope, you have no muscle.

You should eat at maintenance and recomp.

As for programs, you have TONS of options.

Do you want to lift 3, 4, or 5 days a week?
You can do full body.
You can do upper/lower split.
You can do push/pull/legs.
You can do a bro split.

I would recommend 5/3/1 for beginners, but you can do any number of programs and as long as you are adding weight/sets/reps/even decreasing rest time, you will get stronger.

Go start a training log in the training log subforum, and track your food and lifting progress. You’ll be fine if you have discipline in the kitchen and intensity in the gym. You obviously don’t lift or eat particularly well, so it’s not surprising you look this way right now. Just remember, it’s going to take years for you to build muscle. You may or may not shed fat quickly, but building muscle is slow and difficult, so either strap in for the long haul or find a different hobby.


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