Still Shutdown 6 Months after Cycle

27yr old

Test levels haven’t recovered 6months after first cycle. I did 250mg test e for 16 weeks then clomid 50mg and nolva 20mg daily for 4 weeks. I’ve started dr scally power pct and nothings happened in fact I feel worse less sex drives worse im doing 1500iu hcg eod 100mg clomid and 40mg nolva. Any help or am I done fellas pre and post pics posted

SERMs can lower sex drive.

HCG will reduce the pituitary gland’s production of LH and FSH.

What you are doing doesn’t make sense. You are taking two SERMs to get the pituitary gland up and running, and HCG which reduces it’s production.

If you want to use HCG and SERMs for a PCT, you use them separately. The HCG first, then when you stop, you use SERMs.

The SERM dosage is too high as well, plus you only really need one of them, since they basically do the same thing.

Since you haven’t recovered well, I’d probably run a longer SERM course. I’d use Nolva myself. I’d run 40 mg a day for two week, 20 mg a day for 4 weeks, and 10 mg a day for another 4 weeks. Not medical advice, what I would do myself.

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Thanks for the response what would be the benefit of running a solo SERM would that bring back the size of my testes? I want to give myself the best chance to get it back, im doing Dr scally pct out of panic. If I cut the clomid and nolva would this help the testes grow with Hcg and try a serm to keep it going

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HCG mimics LH in the male body. So yes, that can grow your testicles. But since your body sees it as LH, it will lower LH production.

SERMs increase LH and FSH production (the former signals the testicles to make Testosterone, and the latter sperm).

I’d say since you’ve been on so much HCG with SERMs lately, that more HCG isn’t necessary.

Are you sure your stuff is legit? You can test HCG with a pregnancy tester.

You could do what you suggest and run HCG for a month. I wouldn’t do more than 2500 IU a week personally. Then stop and run a SERM.

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Appreciate you explaining it in laymen terms makes complete sense essentially shooting my self in the foot by doing both.

I’m going go test my hcg tomorrow and see I hope it’s bunk to be honest so that means I’m not completely fucked.

Also getting a blood test tomorrow to see if my test has increased alongside LH FSH. I’ll update with hows it going

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HPTA Restart- Easy Guide

You could try something like this. It follows the same methodology as already suggested by others.

You need to be patient. Shutting the “HP” part of your HPTA down with poorly timed HCG sets your recovery back.

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Some men have solved this problem with a measly 25 to 50 mg of clomid per day with nothing else.

As said by others, clomid and HCG don’t go together.

This might be a paltry amount for your situation. If you go for HCG mono therapy, you might need upwards of 9,000 IU per week, which is what my doc once prescribed for that. Some men need 10,000 IU per week.

What are Dr. Scally’s credentials?

Dr Scally is a endo from Texas who’s known for helping a great deal of mean recover testosterone.

I could try a higher dose see if there’s any effect I do reckon my hcg might be bunk im testing it today.

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Small update started another Pct protocol clomid and nolva with hcg and I feel better testes have seen small improvements

How is it now?