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Still Recovering 7 Months After Superdrol Cycle

Yo guys I really need advice I’m at the age of 23 and back in feb I ran a 8 week cycle of superdrol … I got some bloods done bout 2 months ago bloods weren’t to bad but I feel as if I’m going through pretty much all of the low t symptoms… is it likely for me to recover with that being the only cycle I’ve ever ran cause I’m starting To worry so much it’s hard for me to focus on anything

I really didn’t know what I was getting my self into and I’m starting to feel as if I screwed my life up any advice would help

You ran superdrol solo? Did you perform a PCT?

Yes def made a mistake I’m starting to feel I screwed myself up I didn’t know what I was getting myself into and I’m in a bad mind space rn … and also I ran the arimidex droplet form right after cycle

And also ran Hcg some months out when I could get my hands on it

Well you really need to get some labs done to see whats going on. TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG. You prob need a real PCT.

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How do you still have a functioning liver? Holy shit, most guys tap out after three weeks, and four is the max that anyone runs that stuff. Agree with @blshaw you need to get blood work done to assess the damage.

Labs look pretty good.
No freeT. Is shgb?

Shbg 32 no return on free t yet
But I just feel horrible I have nothing but negative thinking from running the cycle starting to figure I screwed my life and this is the 1 and only cycle I’ve ever ran

I’ve also had a varicocele embolization done I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing the low t

How do you feel compared to before super drol . Are you just no longer feeling “alpha”. Or something specific.

Good news: your labs are normal
Bad news: you still feel like shit

Your e2 reading is confusing, btw. <25 is absolutely meaningless because 24 is <25 but 2 is also <25 and there’s quite a difference between those two numbers. Nonetheless, your problem is not from your cycle, so rest easy. Now what it’s actually from? Not my department. Down the hall, third door on the left, the guy with the tweed blazer. He’s who you want to talk to.

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Right feel nothing but low t symptoms and 99% of the day I’m always depressed because I’m thinking of the cycle I’ve ran … the only other thing I could think of is it may could possibly be from the use of opioids I was on for quite a while due to the varicocele repair

And my total t 2 months from this one was 516 tt and free t was 2.1

And I also was prescribed Hcg before reaching that total t of 776 blood work b4 last bloodwork tt was 516

You know. There’s probably 3 dozen thing that could make you feel like low T. Hell I have at least 2 or three untill I finish my morning coffee. Don’t just focus on that. Instead of say I feel like I have low T. State your symptoms.
Depressed. Etc. then go see your doctor.

I got the labs done above and they all report it as normal which makes me feel it’s from the use of opioids

Tt was 516 b4 running the Hcg

From someone that has had issues with opiods in the past, this is highly likely.