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Still Playing after 40?


Just curious how many are still playing their sports after 40?

Yes, we all have jobs, families, friends, lovers, etcâ?¦

Man so sad (but happy) that Iâ??m stronger, fitter now than when I was 20.

The weight training, strength conditioning, sports specific exercises over the last 20 years have been outstanding!

So still playing my sports Hockey, Ball, etcâ?¦ boxing/martial arts, tons of outdoor activities and lifting better than ever.

Hoping that when I get to 50 it's the new 40 or lower haha


I will enclose a recent pic.

We were out for a river hike and swim.


There's a boatload of over-40 guys and gals still competing in their sports in this forum. Some are even starting in new ones.


Sweet just wanted to hear what sports their passion was and if they are competing.

Love hearing, seeing, about the athletes that never stop. hahah



I'll be 49 in 11 days and in my 40's I've trained WadoKai karate and competed, taken up mountain biking and competed and started weight training and am looking forward to my 3 powerlifting meet this coming December. This is after 15 years of nothing but a desk job.


Yep. Started competing in powerlifting at age 43. Never played a sport or competed my entire life until then. I was more of the smart girl. Hard to believe, eh?


Wow Soldog and Kpsnap, sweet that you both figured it out! hahaha

Yes I recently came in contact with a bunch of old high school friends and it's always nice to see the ones that changed there later life for the better and healthier now.

I coach high performance hockey programs and teach in two high school sports programs of excellence school for baseball/softball and lacrosse.

Today the general pe classes are painful.
I get the best and kids still need more work ethic and discipline.

Thanks for the share


I played women's rugby until I was 52, then I started lifting. I'm 56 now, but I still rock and roll.


haha Sweet Yo Momma!

I went down to watch the woman's USA national rugby team play Canada here this summmer.
Some mighty jacked ladies.

I creeped your profile pic's and your a sailor?

Gotta live life to the fullest, might as well rock it eh!


I have a J24 sailboat and I compete in "Around the Buoys" regattas in Long Island Sound.


Played Semi-Pro football from 44-47 ended up starting the second year, Loved it!


Damn you Colin, my dumb ass keeps thinking about trying out for semi-pro ball. Now I'll never get it out of my head.


Id send you my oldest . He would be a nice change for you.


I started playing rugby (D-II club) at 40. I started a lot the first year simply due to injuries and low numbers. 44 is just over a week away and I am competetive for a starting spot every week, even though our club numbers have nearly doubled. I am starting tomorrow vs. 3-0 Buffalo with a chance to clinch a playoff spot.


Sailing is a blast, lots here and the regatta's are fun. Swiftsure International yacht race

Awesome some football and rugby.

Sadly no football here and only like one high school even doing football, just not a big sport here.
I always said I would have played it if I had it here, great sport.

Lots of rugby thou just loved hockey more and then a few other sports too.
Get to watch a few high profile matches. They def know how to drink.

Colin you watch "the boys of Fall" pretty sweet espn doc about high school football with pro players and coaches? Kenny Chesney produced it and has a vid/song out too.