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Still Not Getting Vaccinations


This is like the seat-belt issue. Why should I HAVE to wear a seat belt in a car? There was one person who was cut in half by their seatbelt. I'm more safe without it. I tend to believe the THOUSANDS whose lives were saved by seatbelts. Plus, unbelted passangers in an accident cause more fatal injuries to other passangers.

Very similar to vaccinations. I'll take the risk of infection or side affects over small pox, or rubella. Plus, when those that don't get vaccinated, carry around the virus, they can keep it.


Yeah I wonder if this mother's rights are being violated. I mean isn't it the daughter that is being forced to get vaccinated? So if the daughter is not old enough to decide for herself whether she should get it or not who decides? Like with seat belts and car seats, you don't get to decide not to belt in your child.

Also the reason why you can sometimes have people not vaccinated in a population is because everyone who can be vaccinated is. This is how you prevent the spread of the disease. There are a lot of people out there who think that autism is caused by vaccines and they want to opt out of them for this or any number of misinformed reasons, this is really where the danger is, especially to people who really have to opt out.

What are a parents rights as far as the health of their child in concerned?


Don't worry. US law doesn't apply in the Netherlands. Also, this woman was worried about something that's considered highly unlikely: that vaccines can cause autism. In addition, vaccination benefits vastly outweigh the risks and one could argue that society should force people to take their shots in order to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.


Understand SM but I'm moving back to the US this summer. I've been over here temporarily.

Also, how many of you have the scar on your arm from the small pox when you were a kid? Guess what, it doesn't protect you now!!!! Nearly all of the military were re-vaccinated for small pox. Plus you may not be protected from chicken pox either. Specially if you did not get them or had a very mild case. My kid was vaccinated but now they want to give a booster.


I've heard that about the small pox vaccine too but better to get the vaccines than to get the diseases.
Of course I've never gotten the flu vaccine.


So by your thought process from your first post, do you put your kid in a seat belt? And why?
Also talk to people over 65 and ask them some stories about polio.


Small Pox is extinct. Rubella is just a rash for the majority of people.

Someone mentioned Chicken Pox others mentioned spreading disease. The Chicken Pox Vaccine actually spreads the disease because it doesn't work very well. Kids get the vaccine then they get CP but they don't get it very bad, just a mild case so they go to school anyway and spread it. Then the funny thing happens. The unvaccinated kid gets it and it's unmistakeable with him because he breaks out all over. His mom then gets yelled at by the school for not getting their kid vaccinated.

The last laugh goes to that kid though, because when he's 75 he's a lot less likely to get Shingles which is a much more severe disease.


So you're more safe without it, but believe the people that are saved by it and are aware that it is better for other people that all involved in an accident be wearing one?

I'm somewhat confused here.


op is dumb



Oh and follow the $$, take a look at what vaccination recommendations were even just 15 years ago vs today.


If the vaccines work as advertised, my not being vaccinated poses no threat to the rest of society.


Assuming that the disease is extinct worldwide in which case there would be no need to vaccinate against the disease anyway.


'In 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared smallpox extinct and recommended that all countries cease vaccination. However, the virus is still maintained at laboratories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US and at the Institute of Virus Preparations in Moscow, Russia.
Smallpox had been used as a biological weapon (an infectious agent or toxic chemical that is intended to cause mass destruction) as early as the French and Indian Wars in the 1700s. Deliberate reintroduction of smallpox as a biological weapon is still a threat, especially since declining financial support for Russian laboratories has increased the risk of the existing expertise and equipment falling into the wrong hands.'

  • I'm willing to bet top dollar Western democracies don't have stockpiles of vaccination to deal with outbreaks from biological attacks of 'extinct' diseases like small pox.


Vaccinations are a good thing, if people want to live in the goddamn dark ages and not vaccinate their children I vote we cut off cable/power/gas to their houses. They aren't perfect but they're pretty goddamn awesome.


I don't know...polio sounds pretty good to me. It's a tough decision.


You're missing the point. It doesn't matter if it's extinct or not. (In theory) if your kid is vaccinated you don't have to worry about him catching anything from my unvaccinated kid.


What about your kid catching a contagious disease from another unvaccinated kid? What about infants too young to be vaccinated catching a contagious disease from an unvaccinated kid?


This is really my point that I was only able to hint at this morning due to time. So many of the vaccines they want you to get are so completely unjustifiable it's clearly a money making machine so they loose all good faith on my part. If I remember right, it's something like 32 vaccines the CDC recommends for children by the age of something like 2 years old.

There probably are vaccines that we should get for our children, like Meningitis off the top of my head, but I'm so put off by the corporate mission, how am I supposed to trust they've done their due diligence and done everything they can to protect our children. I've read unopposed statements that there's all kinds of shit in those vaccines like mercury, lead and formaldehyde.

I have 3 kids and none of them have had any vaccines. My oldest has pretty bad eczema and my wife and I read that kids with eczema get much worse Chicken Pox. Our son goes through enough dealing with itching so we recently decided we will get him the vaccine. The reason I'm telling this is just so you know I'm not a complete whack job who's against vaccines at all cost. I also think vaccines overall have been a great benefit to society. The problem is its become a business and no longer for our well being.


The decisions we make for our kids can turn out to be the right ones or the wrong ones. As parents we weigh the odds as best we can, we use our knowledge and our opinion. We weight the opinions of those we hold in high regard... and we decide. What I decide may be different from what you decide but it's not for you to tell me what must be done to my child. Nor is it for the government.


It's not up to the government to decide what must be done to peoples' children? What about people who bash their children? Shouldn't the government stop them? What about Jehovah's witnesses who want their children to die rather than have a blood transfusion. Shouldn't the state intervene?