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Still No Activity After Knee Scope

Ok I am 43 years old and I had my knee scoped a year ago this month. I still cannot do normal activity ie. run, jump, play basketball, squat, etc. Has anyone dealt with this issue before? Can I expect it to ever get better?

I officiated six bball games on Sat. and now on Monday I have to go get the darn thing drained because it is the size of a pumpkin! By the way, the surgery was to remove half of the miniscus.

I had my knee drained and they took 110cc’s of fluid out!

I tore the lateral meniscus in my left knee and had surgery 5 weeks ago. Doing therapy right now and things are coming along pretty well. ART really helps.

What kind of rehab did you do?

I would get therapy for that knee. There is no need for it to be like that a year later.

My husband had his left knee scoped at the beginning of October to remove scar tissue that resulted from a complete patellar tear. He is back in the gym for weights (including front squats) and biking, but it still gets sore. You should probably ask your Dr why you are having such problems.

I went through two months of therapy and returned to the gym. It wasn’t until I ran all day on it that it became inflamed and filled with fluid! Maybe I won’t be able to run anymore???

Sounds like you pushed too far too soon.
I haven’t tried running at all. Today, 6.5 weeks post surgery, my doctor cleared me for any physical activity I can tolorate. I will start hitting the strength training harder on the surgerically repaired knee.