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Still Missing Squat Reps After Deload


I’m after some help on why I keep on missing reps on squats even after a deload and at a lighter weight than before said deload.

I’m following stronglifts and at week 13 right now, I had never ran a program before and ended up coming across stronglifts one day and just decided to use it as it’s mainly the compound lifts as I train from home and can’t to many dips, pull-ups farmer walks etc.

Before deload I worked up to 107kg and missed it three times and then deloaded 10%, I missed them at 5/5/5/2/0, 5/5/3/0/0, 4/0/0/0/0.

Deloaded back to 97kg and now at 105kg and only managed one incredibly hard set followed by only two reps on the second set.

Day before was 103kg, even though it was hard I could of added another rep to each set no bother but as soon as I hit 105kg today every rep felt extremely heavy, I wouldn’t be bothered if I had failed at a heavier weight before the deload but It’s not.

Missed bench once, overhead press three times plus the deaload and deadlift still going along with rows.

Current lifts are squat 105kg, deadlift 122.5kg, bench 74kg, press 47.5kg and row 72kg.

Food is fine, 6" at 80kg and gaining weight about .5kg week max, I’ve recently upped my calories after 1st deload in case that was the issue as I wasn’t gaining much weight every week then, sleep is ok… 8-9hrs a night but I tend to get woken up a decent amount through the night, either for needed a piss several times or bad rls that lasts for hours.

I have noticed that during my squat warmup sets and so on I’m really tired/slow. It’s not like that during the day before as I’m fine and I’m not purposely acting lazy during them or what not.

Should I take some time off from it all together ? I wouldn’t think that I would need a complete break as I’m still at very light weights but I don’t know.

13 weeks on stronglifts is more than enough. Move on to something else now. It’s time to use something with a variety of rep ranges, logical and sustainable progression scheme, assistance work to bring up lagging areas, and conditioning.

5/3/1, Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards, The Juggernaut Method and the Cube Method are all solid choices.


Is there a version of 5/3/1 that I would be able to run with just the bench and squat stands that I have ? Assistance work is limited to only a pair of adjustable dumbbells too.

Pretty much every single version would work.


Ive used the search function on here to find a program template or something like that but I’m only finding forum posts by members? Can you help me out with a link as I think i may be blind


Thanks for that, I’m going with 531. I have a few questions, on main lifts not inc warmups is it always 3 sets per lift with last set amrap at that given percentage and that’s it, then some assistance? Does it always need to be amrap or can it be 5,3 or 1 rep depending on week. And what’s the best way to manage a log, using a notepad?

From the article:

“When you see 5+, 3+, or 1+, that means you do the max reps you can manage with that weight, with the goal of setting a rep record in each workout”

Why would you want to be avoiding the AMRAP?

To be fair I did see that after I posted the comment, say I just managed 5 reps and no more on the third set, should I still go for another rep even though it’s almost certain I would miss it or is missing reps not an issue on amrap? It says you don’t have to go past prescribed reps so thats why I’m curious

You are planning on failing before you even start the routine. Worry about succeeding first. Read Jim’s book and it will explain everything you need.

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Nope, not planning on making an half assed attempt at it. Was only a question about reps, I’m looking forward to starting.

Pick a low TM and you’ll be fine. Always aim to hit a rep PR. It’s a great feeling to go in every day gunning for a rep PR.

That’s what I’ll like the most about it, when I was on stronglifts after a while it would get little boring doing the same weight for 5x5 day in day out.

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