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Still Low T Numbers, Dr Stopping Treatment

911 Emergency Need Help!!!

So my doc perscribed me 100mg of test a week. because I was in the 320 range. Well the day of the script, he took more blood to test it. that was 3 weeks ago. Well the tests came back and I was at 405. I have already taken 3 ingections, so i have 1 more shot and 1 refill on my script left over. My doc called me and said that my test came back at 420 so he advises me to stop taking the test because im in NORMAL range. (400 at 27 years old) - SO he wont give me anymore refills, and wont contiue, and wont give me any hCG or AI to turn my balls back on…

So iv taken 300mgs of test over the last 3 week. and im just stopping straight up… whats that going to do to me???

Im so sick of doctors saying that the low side or normal range is OK, I want to be in the 900s-1000s. Iv finally statarted getting morning wood again just in the last week from the injections. Im so pissed.

What should I do? If anything.

I need to find a clinic, like an anti-ageing place. or a doc that doestn have his head up his ass.

Please help.

Why is this a new thread without the context of your prior labs and history? You should not have your case smeared many threads.

beacucse i dont have prior bloodwork really posted up…

Im simplify the post.

My doc prescribed me test… Iv taken 3 injections. and now he called me and said test isnt a good idea, and wont give me anymore.

So that leads me to ask the question… did the 3 shots I did take, shut me down already and should I find my own method of some sort of pct because by doc isnt willing to prescribe anything to me.