Still Living Longer Stronger: Feel 20 Years Younger in Just 6 Weeks!

Hi all,
Dr. Darden has a new book that you can get on amazon. I was very lucky to receive an advance copy. What I really like is that Dr. Darden doesn’t sit still and simply regurgitate stuff from over 50 years ago. This is a new, fresh take on strength training and its benefits for those of us who are no longer in the first flush of youth. Even after my own “half century” in the strength game I think this is well worth buying and absorbing.


Just ordered it



Timely update! Books on aging well and living longer are quite popular now. Look forward to reading Dr Darden’s latest thoughts on the subject.

Snagged it! I have the original version and look forward to reading this one too. Thanks for the heads up.

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I will order this book, as I’ve always wanted the original, though hard to find.

Dr Darden @Ellington_Darden: Is there a bodybuilding template to follow, in similarity with your other fat loss books? Any particular changes/differences compared to the original issue?

It only seems available at the amazon uk site currently.

Still Living Longer Stronger contains a new bodybuilding program that I call 10-10-10. It was specifically designed for people over 45 years of age.


This seems like a wise program/rep-range, considering recovery is what takes longer as I (we) age. Long negatives may need to be administered carefully.

At the end of the day, I am intrigued by your ongoing rate of production @Ellington_Darden! What is it that makes you continue to investigate and refine training strategies? I find it remarkable that you still have important things to say, in humble respect of your enormous production over a long period of time.

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Being 80 years of age has a lot to do with my continued motivation. I want to remain strong and keep trying new combinations of methods and techniques. Plus, I have a 21-year-old son who is interested in working with me.


can the program be done with body weight exercises as well?

The product details for the New LLS says 282 pages. My original copy is 210 pages. So, I’m gonna buy it. I’m 65 now.

Yes. On page 177 there’s a section on how to apply body weight exercises with the program.


There’s a lot of new material in Still Living Longer Stronger.


My post was a bit rash. After I focused better I realized I was off the mark. I have started reading and am on chapter 6? So far so good. Living Longer Stronger took me into my 40s. Still Living Longer Stronger will take me into my 60s+. Looking way back, I read The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book in 1982. That helped me understand the Nautilus approach and the Nautilus philosophy. While my college mates were banging away for hours a week in the weight room I was putting in an hour, tops? Thank You!

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Bought this !

New items
10-10-10 (I will use a 10 second isometric hold)
Pyruvate kinase being temperature dependent

Carbohydrates galore
Walks after evening meals

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I ordered mine and should be here Saturday. I’m looking forward to devouring it quite quickly.

Bad news, there is a chapter admonishing you to eat slowly and fully masticate your food. :wink:

Different from what I’ve been told and sounds quite interesting.

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I’ve placed an order on the book now also! Really looking forward to reading it. Dr Darden has his ways with words. Most likely a captivating read.

From what I’ve heard from others here, it will probably serve as another alternative workout plan for me.