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Still Having Ab Problems


Hi guys , few months back i made a thread asking for help with my abs because i was unable to see them although i could feel them . I had slight definition with the upper abs and with the entire shape but i couldn't see the vertical cuts that well . So i was told to try the stronglifts 5x5 workout saying that it would help my abs as well as build overall strength .

So, i did start SL 5x5 but i got no where :frowning: currently iam squating 90 pounds and my other lifts are 50 pounds . i had to deload a couple of times . and now its getting harder again . however neither my abs nor my overall muscle has improved at all . haven't put on even half a pound of weight and the only visible change in my body is that i have lost the upper abs that i had . now i can just feel a large chunk of muscle around my tummy but can't see a single cut , definition is zero !

iam really thin so please don't say my body fat % is too high . just so that u guys know its 7% . and iam eating as much protein as possible . i dont take any supplements but i eat a lot of chicken and fish , each day . can anyone explain what the problem may be ?


Define "a lot of chicken and fish", and what's your body weight?

Also, what else are you eating?


First, how are you measuring your body fat?

Second, what are you doing for direct an work? Yes, some people don't need direct ab work to have highly visible abs, but if yours aren't developed enough for your liking (and you legitimately are 7% bf), then I'd add in some direct abdominal work.


Did you absorb absolutely nothing from that original thread? Eat more, lift more, and stop caring about your abs.


I'm willing to bet my left nut your diet is shit. As much protein as possible I doubt it, alot of chicken and fish I doubt it, and you know there is more than just protein correct?

I'm willing to bet my right nut you are not following 5x5 correctly if after a "few" months you are only benching 50lbs... My wife surpassed this her third week of 5x5 or your not adding enough intensity to the program and are just half assing it.

Stop worrying about you abs. If your 7% body fat and still can not see visible abs them one you don't have abs like seriously you just don't have them or you weigh 120lbs in which case even if you had abs NO ONE would give a fuck considering my forearms would be bigger than your thighs. You need to eat and actually eat... Beef, Milk, Eggs, Oata, and potatoes until you hate these foods and then eat them some more. Have a good day.


You said you can only sqaut 90? And all your other lifts are 50? Train for strength. Screw the abs.


This is a funny as response! I actually hate chicken now from dieting, went from my favorite meat to never wanting to eat it again.


I feel you man Tuna is pure nauseating to me now used to eat it on a daily basis probably dont have ot but once twice a year now.


go to the fridge. make yourself a sandwich. eat said sandwich.
repeat until healthy.


Nobody said "eat as much protein as possible and nothing else". EAT MORE FOOD. Including carbs and fats. at the point where you are right now, the only answer to your problems is eat.

You can't Bench Press 70 pounds and worry about your abs... Dude, you are anorexic. Seriously, you have a big issue and I'm shocked your parents don't seem to notice. Start eating three big meals a day (and not just protein, you ****, eat rice, potatoes... Eat natural foods (no candy) but eat until you're really full.

People have told you before, the problem with your abs is that they're not really there. The amount of muscle that you have (less than a female model) means that the bumps and ridges that form a six pack do not exist. You could do liposuction and still have a flat stomach with no definition.

  1. Lift Weights, 2. Eat enough good food to slowly gain weight (like, 4-8 lbs per month). Nothing else matters for the next year.


Write down everything you eat. I guarantee you are not eating as much as you think you are. Write down everything besides water that you eat or drink, and the time of day you eat or drink it.

No, your body fat is not too high. Your body weight is too low to have muscular abs.


Ahh, to be 16 and foolish. Sorry mate, this thread is a bunch of tough live. It appears you are skinny and weak. To fix that (and you should), please eat healthy and lift with intensity. Good luck.


no , iam not doing any direct ab workouts . i used to be doing and my upper abs were alright . then i was told to stop and i lost what i had . i just checked up with a couple of fat % calculators online .

And Reed , no offence , but its ur wife thats doing it wrong !!! its either that or shes adding more than 2.5 kg each workout !! do the math if u think iam wrong !! its 2.5 increase on every other workout . so for 3 weeks that will be an increase by 12.5 . plus the barbell , so thats 22.5 kg , which is not more than my lift ! and if she id lifting more then she must be increasing more than it is said to ! secondly , i never said that i had been doing stronglifts for a few months !!! read properly !! i said i made that thread a few months ago , not started working out !! and really , man , no need to boast . you're a grown man , comparing yourself to a kid :stuck_out_tongue: and iam pretty sure ur forearms arent bigger than my thighs -_-

And its not just chicken . i eat meat 2 meals each day . and for breakfast its eggs , so i get some protein there too . and iam not only eating protein , i eat potatoes and rice and all as well . a bit weak with the veges but not with anything else . and i do eat a lot . well considering how thin i look , i do eat a lot . i eat more than everyone else in my family and they all are way off thin .

and for the guy who said to target 4-6 lbs increase each month . well i've been going at it for over a month and havent even put on half , not even quater a pound !


I'm sure his wife is doing it right considering she has made more gains than you and the point of stronglifts is to make gains relatively fast for beginners like yourself. I have done stronglifts many times and made a lot of gains. 16 years old is old enough to be strong man as long as you are doing things right.

How many meals a day do you eat? you say you eat meat with 2 meals a day? what do you eat the rest of the day? you asked for help and the people on here asked you to list out everything you eat to see why you aren't gaining weight and strength.

you say you eat a lot but its hard to believe if you haven't even gained 1/2 a pound. try eating every 2 hours a decent sized meal trying to get 6 balanced meals in a day at least, do that for a month and ill be surprised if you don't gain weight.


LOL. Kid, read what people are saying again. If you've been going at it for over a month and haven't gained a pound your DIET is to blame. I haven't read your other thread, but I'm guessing you should re-read that too. "Train for strength; eat for size"


well i really dunno what more to eat ! i mean i eat some type of meat twice daily . and eggs for breakfast . so there is protein in every meal . and i also eat rice for all 3 meals . and potatoes and many other stuff regularly . i dont eat candy or go to Mcdonalds or any other fast food restaurants ! if anything at all , i see deficits of fibre and a couple of vitamins , but i dont see how that affects muscle growth . plus i do eat fully for every meal :frowning:


list what you eat dont say "some meat" "many other stuff regularly" how is anyone supposed to give informed advice with that kind of answer?


Most successful people on this site eat very similar things each day. Have you made a diet yet? Do so. Count cals & macros. Write that diet down here and people can help you. Until then, the best answer anyone can give is "eat more".

Oh, and if you have "deficits" in vitamins and fiber you aren't eating enough veggies. Eat more of those asap. Heck, go eat some right now.


List out exactly what you ate for the past three days, not only what you ate but how much of it there was.


Siddhur, you have been to school, and understand that "energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms" correct? Calories are a unit of energy, and energy can be converted to mass, and from mass.

So where DOES that bodyweight come from? It comes from food (calories). You are not gaining any bodyweight, so you need additional food. You also need to be measuring food, and the amount you eat so you actually KNOW you are eating more food.