Still Have a Stomach. Why?

I recently lost a large amount of weight( went from 38% body fat to supposedly 10%) but i still have a small( but too large for me) bump, its not obvious when I have a shirt on but it still annoys me. I work out regularly and just started bulking to increase my pitiful muscle mass but the bump still persists. I have a lot of extra skin around my pecs and arms. Could this also be extra skin or just subcutaneous fat and my scale is wrong. Pics previous and now

You’re carrying fat and you have apt which exaggerates it.

I assume youre a troll but if not - continue training, recovering and eating and the results eill following if you are dedicated and have patience. This is a journey of years, not months.

First, congratulations on the weight loss.

Second, I believe that once you start filling out your recently-slimmed-down frame with some muscle, that little belly and the extra skin will become less apparent. Lift some heavy things, eat some steak and vegetables, and repeat that for awhile. You don’t have to gain a ton of weight, nor do you expect it to happen overnight. Most people underestimate the effect that gaining 10 pounds of quality mass will have on their physique. Look at the long game.

Do you have a plan for weight training? I suggest setting a few strength goals and then getting on a plan that moves you toward those goals. Perhaps you want to improve your max number of pull-ups, or your deadlift, etc. Choose a couple key indicators to help gauge progress.

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I agree with ActivitiesGuy. Great work on your progress! You should be proud of the work you’ve done.

Now your game plan needs to shift to building some strength and building some muscle for the next few years.

I’d suggest eating a diet comprising of meat, eggs, vegetables, oats, rice and potatoes and being slightly above your caloric maintenance levels (250 kcal/day or so).