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Still Have a Small Stomach. Why?

I recently lost a large amount of weight, about 38% to 9.4% body fat( at least according to my scale) over a period of a year, but despite my progress I still have a small bump. I retain a large amount of extra skin around my pecs and arms and have recently(past 2 months) started to lift and increase my caloric intake in order to gain a little muscle( not a lot)to fill that out. Is my remaining bump a result of remaining subcutaneous fat or is it mainly extra skin and how do i remedy it

well done for losing so much weight!

In my opinion, your time would be better served eating and training in such a way as to build muscle (notice I didn’t use the word “bulking”? That’s an important distinction).

You’ve gone from fat to skinny which is a great start, but you’d be better off going from skinny to muscular as opposed to skinny to super skinny.


Do you do any direct ab work? Crunches, leg raises, or anything like that?

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Echo what the above 2 posters said in regards to exercise.

Very, very well done in losing all that weight and changing your life for the better!

If you want to get rid of the bump 3 things have to happen in training (notice I assume nutrition is already important, only talking about training here):

  1. you need muscle. You can’t flex bone, and even if you’re very low in body fat abs will be hard to come by with no muscle to show through skin. You don’t have extra fat now as much as you have extra skin and no muscle. You need enough muscle to show underneath the skin in order for you to look as lean as you are. This also interfaces with nutrition because you can’t grow muscle starving yourself. That doesn’t mean bulk, that just means maintain or slightly and slowly grow. Slower than “usual” advice.

  2. you need to work your abs (obviously). A six pack isn’t just about doing ab work, but it does help. Alternate heavy and light days, with light days being higher rep on whatever you’re doing

  3. you need to train your glutes (weird advice i know). One thing aside from fat level and muscle level that determines that little pooch in the lower ab area is how your hip is tilting. If it is level that little extra bit is minimized. If the front of your hip is tilted down and lower than the back of your hip, it can weirdly make your stomach appear bigger than it actually is.


Question… what was your actual body weight at 38% bf and what is it now at 9.4%?

I was 150, I am now 116


How old are you? Are you okay (as in are/were you sick)?


Sorry in advance…

You are a guy, correct?

Look at your posture in the photo. Try standing with your shoulders back and your rib cage down. I tend to puff out my tummy too!

I take this to mean you did zero weight training during the weight loss? That was the main mistake. You still saw progress, which is great, but like it’s been said, you now need to add lean muscle to really change your appearance. For context, how tall are you?

And I’m not really sure your issue excess skin. No real way to tell from that pic and it wasn’t a ton of weight you lost. If you had lost, like, 75 pounds, then it might be more of a potential issue. This article talks about serious cases of loose skin.

I think the problems are A - your posture, overall and in that pic; B - the fact that the lower abs tend to cling to fat even when guys get super-ripped; and C - a general lack of lean muscle which, when addressed, will … gasp :scream:… tone everything up.

You seem pretty young, too, which is a good thing in terms of building muscle. Young, underweight dudes who train hard and eat right can build plenty of muscle if they focus on it.


Hold on , did you use one of those scales that give a body fat %? In my experience those are inaccurate as hell. Are you for sure 100% that your bodyfat was actually 38% when you started your weight loss?

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Those scales are worthless. theyre useful in the sort of way highlighters are useful, not the way accurate hard data is useful. They react to hydration changes entirely too much.

Also, 116 is entirely too skinny. You have GOT to train for muscle.