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Still Going Hard


I have been working out for longer than I can remember. Started way back in school for all sports and then really got into it in college for rehab for a total knee repair (ACL-LCL-MCL gone). Back then they still had you in a cast from crouch to ankle for 6 weeks post-surgery and when that bitch came off they found staff. It was a messed up deal but I got through it and continued to compete as long as I could.

Many years later and Several surgeries on both shoulders and scopes on both knees I still train today. I have tried a lot of different programs out there and have read a lot of books on the subject. I loved the training so much I made it my career and have been coaching for 20 years now. I still try to train as much like my athletes that I can but modify things to fit my biomechanical issues due to injury and surgery.

I wanted to post and share what I do and get feedback from experienced lifters. I have my own system that is a mixed methodology taken from SuperTraining, West Side, DeFranco, Tate, Wendler and others that I admire and follow. It really works for my athletes and it has gotten me stronger than I have ever been. We have Dynamic effort days, Modified Repeated effort days, and Max effort days (nothing you guys havenâ??t seen or heard of before) and we also have Brick Shit House Days (met circuit conditioning) that really kick my ass.

I try to train 4-6 days per week UB1-LB1-BSH-UB2-LB2 and if I can get another in I will knock out another BSH day. If it is only 4 days during the week I cut out the BSH day, whyâ?¦..because I hate them! Every once in a while I do an Unload week and do something totally different or 3 days of BSH, but with the system I have set up I do not think that unload weeks are really called for, at least for my athletes.

UB1 MRE (this week it is Military Press): Warm up: Rollout / Dynamic movement
Slammers / Pushups / Chest Pass 3x5 or Single Arm DB Snatch 4-5x3

Military Press 1x3-2-1/x50reps at 65-70% 1RM (few sets as possible)
Complex with
Band Pull Aparts 3-4x15

Single Arm DB Incline Press 3x12-15
Complex with
DB Row or (other horizontal Pull) 3-4x12-15

Pushups x100 (few sets as possible)
Complex with
Chin ups x50(few sets as possible)

Prowler & Power Rope Finisher


Sounds like a solid plan. Welcome.


LB1 DE Chain Box Squat: Warm up: Rollout - Power Plate work - Dynamic movement
Iso Groiner 3x5 Contrast Jumps: Vertimax Squat Jump 4x3 Drop Step Vert 4x3

Chain Box Squat 1x3-2-1/10x2 at 45% 1RM / 40 - 60lbs of Chains
Complex with
Quad and or Hip Stretch 3x:30

Backward Lunge 4x5
Complex with
DB RDL 4x8-10

Power Plate Pushups x80 (few sets as possible)
Complex with
Chin ups x40(few sets as possible)

Push up / Broad Jump Chest Pass / Inverted Row / Farmers Carry / Finisher


Welcome, Seamus. Do you coach at a school or train freelance?


Thanks.......I'm at a school now (again) tried the private deal for awhile with some "business" minded people and they were idiots. Left the NCAA to work with them and it was a 4 year hell!

Very happy to be back working with athletes and not dealing with business people, parents and being worried about the number of members we have. For those in the private business.....Bless You All because I don't know how you od it.


10/23/11 UB1 ME Bench Lockouts:
Warm ups Rollout Powerplate work Shoulder work Dynamic movement
Slammers x5 Clap Pushups x5 Chest Pass x5 X3

Bench Lockouts Work up to 3RM
complex with
Facepulls 3x12

Single Arm DB Incline Bench 7x3
complex with
DB Rear Fly 3x12

Single Arm DB Standing Shoulder Press 7x3
complex with
Band Pull Aparts 3x20

Side lat Raise 3x15
complex with
DB Tri Extn 3x15

Not a bad start to the week


10/24/11 LB1 MRE x40reps Deadlift
Warm ups Rollout Powerplate work Shoulder rehab Dynamic work
Broad Jump to Chest Pass 3x5 box jump 3x5 Clap pushups 3x5

Deadlift x3 x2 x1 / x40reps
complex with
Hip and Quad stretch

Lunge 3x8
complex with
DB RDL 3x8

Chin ups x50reps
complex with
J pulldowns 3x12

Bent Row 3x12
complex with
cable rear delts 3x12

Finisher Prowler Ropes KBs

Shitballs that sucked!


Amen ...


nice work in here


10/25/2011 B.S.H. Workout
Warm up Rollout Powerplate work Shoulder rehab Dynamic work

Single Arm DB Snatch 4x3
complex with
Band Pull Aparts 3x20

Powerplate Pushups x:60 x:45 x:30 x:15
Med Ball Single Arm Shotput x10 x8 x6 x4
Fatbar Inverted Row x30 x20 x15 x10
DB Farmers Carry x40yds each round


10/27/2011 UB2 MRE x30reps
Warm ups Roll out Power plate work Shoulder rehab Dynamic work
Broad Jump Chest Pass x5 Slammer x5 Clap Pushup x5

Arnold Press 5x5

Swiss bar Incline Bench Press 6x3

Bench Press x5 x3 x1 x30reps

Crazy bar Bench 3x15-20
complex with
Side Lat Raise 3x15-20
complex with
Cable Shrugs 3x15-20


10/28/2011 Back
warm up
KB Powerbombs x15 x10 x5 Slammer x15 x10 x5

Weighted Chin ups 45x5 55x5 65x5 75x5 85x3 95x3 115x2 BWx15

Single Arm Cable Row 3x15-20
Complex with
Rear Fly 3x15-20

Pulldowns 3x15-20
complex with
J-Pulldowns 3x15-20

Curl to Press 2x20
complex with
St. Bar Curl 2x15-20


10/29/2011 LB1 DE 10x2
Warm up Roll out Powerplate work Shoulder rehab Dynamic work

MedBall Squat to Press x5 Rotational MedBall Toss x5 Box Jump x5 x3

Clean pull x3 x2 x1 10x2
complex with
Quad and Hip Stretch

Overhead Split Squat 3x8
complex with
Good Mornings 3x8-10

Prowler Push Prowler Pull KB Swing Battle Ropes x20 x15 x10 x5


11/02/2011 B.S.H.
warm ups rollout powerplate Dynamic work Shoudler rehab

Single arm DB Snatch 4x3
complex with
Slammers 4x5

Walking KB Swings x30yds x20yds x10yds
Fat bar Inverted Row x20 x15 x10
Prowler Push


What's Crazy bar bench?

What kind of weights are you using, just out of curiosity? If you're embarrassed, remember you couldn't possibly be using less than some of us.


Bands and Kettlebells for instability, makes your body stabilize more.

Example weights from my MRE x40rep on the deadlift
320x3 410x2 470x1 365x40reps 65% of 1RM and it was a bitch
Lunge was with DBs and I used 65lbs 75lbs 85lbs
DB RDL started with 75lbs 85lbs 95lbs

I have strong legs and back and am a shitty presser, I blame it on shoulder injuries from football but I have also had more knee surgeries then shoulder so it might be Im just a puss.
At 41 years old
Deadlift 560x1RM I want to get back over 600x1
Squat 475x1RM want to get back over 500x1
Bench Press 325x1RM I am fine with these two because pressing hurts like hell no matter what I do.
Military Press 195x1RM
Chin up 115x2
Not great numbers but not that bad either.


Your numbers are adequate.


good because I always shoot for at least average!


OK.....Knee has finally reached a breaking point. For the last few days everything that I do hurts my knee to the point that I limp, and I dont limp, and has really affected my attitude and mental wellbeing. I will now change my LB work outs to be mostly rehab and Power plate work until I can start lifting heavy again.

Really pisses me off but it has been 23yrs since my first knee reconstruction surgery and 7yrs since my last one. So, they have lasted longer than I thought that they would and they have been through a lot. Sucks ass though!

Work outs are going to be looking a lot different for a while.