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Still getting stronger.

Today was my max effort workout and i 2 board pressed 180x3, which is the most i’ve ever done on any type of flat max effot pressing, i’ve done 195x3 on decline. My upper body keeps getting stronger and stronger but my lower body keeps getting held back because of my nagging lower back and hip injury, i’m probably not going to be doing a whole lot of heavy squats or good mornings anymore because of it. I’ll probably go into heavy single leg movements and then do something like dynamic lunges for speed day. I’m not sure, but at this point i’d rather be somewhat strong and heathly than hurt all the time, since i’m not a powerlifter.

Good job man. Have you tried only working up to sets of 5 on gm and squats? I am not a doctor but you might also want to get some bands and try doing lots of band gm, pullthrougs, leg curls, back ext for super high reps and see if that helps any…good luck.

Sweet job on gaining the strength, but what’s up exaclty with the back? I always hate to hear someone say they’re not gonna squat.

Well i have something called spondylothesis, its kind of a fracture in my back that causes my vertebrate to slip away from its normal position and pinch my sciatic nerve. So i’m going to be doing lots of stuff like snipdawg said to get it nice and strong before i start doing anything big again.

And by the way i’m only like 5’8 and 145 lbs so, my weights are that bad, but could be better still.