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STILL gaining on Mag-10

Boy, anyone who says they can’t gain weight on Mag-10 must have the metabolism of a hummingbird. It’s now two weeks since I ended my first cycle of Mag-10. Over this time I’ve added in cardio and slowly lowering my calories to under maintenance (preparing for Steroid Dieting) and I’ve STILL gained another half pound.

Mag-10 sure lives up to it’s rep in the weight gain department, without a doubt.

I’m thinking that 4-AD-EC must have a longer half-life than expected, giving significant benefit even in week 3. I will be very interested to find out the results from the University study we’re having done.

It’s the only way I can account for the otherwise-unheard-of phenomenon of continuing gains in week 3 (this does not happen with any 2-week pharmaceutical steroid cycle using short acting esters and orals that I’m aware of.)

It works out quite fortuituously that 4-AD
has such low suppressive tendencies that you still get fast recovery in week 3 while still making gains. When Androsol was introduced, I had no idea that 4-AD would be as low-suppressive as it is (nor for that matter any idea that it would have so little, if any, effect on the hair – at that time I was telling people they should expect hair loss because “all androgens cause hairloss in those prone to MPB.”)

Sometimes things just work out better than expected! :slight_smile:

You gained half a pound since then? I can “gain” or “lose” not half a pound, but 5-6 pounds per day, depending on my hydration status, food and salt intake and bahtroom behaviour pattern. Get real.

Sasa, you’ve definitely got a point that “half a pound” is essentially equal to zero, but the thing is, one ordinarily loses several pounds
after a 2 week pharmaceutical steroid cycle. Myself, I may lose up to 9 pounds. (I really do gain a lot of glycogen and glycogen-associated water weight.) You can re-read
Aikigreg’s post as saying zero weight change
after another week, and it’s STILL remarkable.

Bill, when I read the initial post, there were no replies, you and I replied almost simultaneously. Of course it has something to do with half-life, but also with eating habits after the cycle, ability to hold the newly gained muscle (genetic potential for holding higher lbm level compared to initial lbm) but you know about this much more than myself, so I will stop preaching right now. Point taken, however. :slight_smile:

Perhaps, braniac, you failed to note the decreased caloric intake and increased cardio I mentioned. This alone should be enough to make it obvious that I should be LOSING pounds, not gaining (or, as is more appropriate to say, maintaining).

I realize full well that we can gain and lose many pounds over a single day. However, I have been keeping daily weight records to chart the effects of mag-10, and my weight has steadily gone up the two weeks after the cycle is over.

When vastly decreased calories + extra cardio + 10 pounds of extra weight doesn't equal weight loss the conclusion can only be Mag-10 is still working in your system.

Do the math, brother!

I noticed the same type of thing the week after discontinuing MAG-10. I significantly reduced calories and began doing cardio with the intent to burn a lot of fat and I normally drop weight fast when i do this, but I actually hovered around the same weight the whole week despite having cals at 1700-1900 at a bodyweight of 234lb. I had to go back and count cals in my journal a few times to make sure I had them low enough. I had next to zero carbs too and still maintained bodyweight and strength. I was starving to death, but not losing anything. Could this be a “MAG-10” positive side effect?

I eat wheat bran often because it is rich in fiber but I did not know it makes me a braniac. Everybody is different. I dieted almost 10 months last year and while eating 2000-2200 kCal using different breakdowns I gained 25 lbs of lean body mass and lost a shitload of fat too. My maintenance is well over 2800 kCal. How is this possible? Do I have to do my math in this case too? Where would that take me? Most likely nowhere. Take a chill pill.

I think it’s important to note that there is a lot more to muscular gains than how much the scales say you weigh. I’ve read that your bodyweight can fluctuate by up to 6lbs just by the fact that you haven’t crapped recently. Look for strength gains, better tone and increases in muscle size. The scales don’t tell you how much is fat and how much is muscle. Here’s an analogy: Somebody shows you two paper sacks and there’s no way for you to see what’s inside either of them. He weighs each sack carefully, and you can see that each sack weighs exactly ten pounds. Then he tells you that one sack has 10lbs of gold inside, the other 10lbs of crap. Which one should you choose? The point is, you can’t tell which is gold and which is crap just by weighing the bags. Same thing for bodyweight. How much is muscle and how much is fat? Get some calipers and measure your body fat when you weigh, then multiply your bodyfat % times your weight. That’s your “fat” weight; the rest is lean muscle, water, organs, etc. You’re gaining muscle if your lean weight goes up.