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Still fat and pissed

Allright, this is pissing me off. I’ve done a balance protein carb diet, OK results. I’ve done the Anabolic and other variations, average results. I’ve still got plenty of fat to lose and its pissing me off. I’m left with no other choice but to get a bit more extreme. (and yes, I do know how to properly plan and follow a diet, so I didnt screw up, and gave it time to work) I’m wondering if anyone else on this here site has tried a similar approach to lose fat. 5 meals a day. Meal #1 - Postworkout - 1 can chicken (from sams club) and a 10 oz. sweet potato. Meals # 2-5 - 1 can chicken, 7 fish oil capsules, and maybe a cup of broccoli. Totals come to 338g (70) protein, 50g (10%) carbs and 40g (20%)fat. Nothing else is working so what the hell. Anyway, if you tried a similar approach, let me know. I know u think i’m just gonna burn muscle for fuel. but i’m not a great carb burner (b/c I store fat mainly on my gut) nor am I a great fat burner b/c I eat high fat, moderate fat and i’m still fat.

You seem to know a little about nutrition but I noticed you didn’t mention calories or your bodyweight for us to help you with your diet. A good starting point is 12calories/lb assuming your in decent shape. If your fat make that 12calories/lb using your ideal weight. Give that two weeks and if the results aren’t there drop it to 11cals/lb. Personally, I don’t like your nutrient ratios. Most people choose carbs or fat for energy when dieting, not protein. I would drop the protein closer to 30% and go with 70% fat or 30%fat/40%protein. Finally, vary your protein sources. A mixture of proteins will always be better than any single protein source.

Hi bud,
This may help- Many of my clients have faltered in their diets NOT from total claories, total fat or lack of activity BUT from undigested meals. This approach has worked for ALL my clients-
3-4 meals/ day of protein/ veggie (pref. raw) and a little EFA’s or monounsaturate fats
2 snacks of starchy carb at least 90 minutes away from the protein meals
My nutritionist friend Don Lemmon nailed this in a manual and it may be the answer.
Check out his web site.

Hope it helps

Mike Demeter BPHE CSCS CFA Cert. Nutritionist
Senior Trainer: GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Toronto, Canada

Your current diet sound’s like a modified T-Dawg which I used to some great success. I got my calories from my bodyweight in lb’s with a 10% b/fat times 16, not what it currently is(closer to 30%). Then instead of using 0.8g/lb bodyweight for protein needs use 1.5g/lb. This decreases muscle loss. Try it and let us know how you get on. It worked for me and your stat’s and body type sounds very similar to mine. What have you got to lose?

Tried a similar ratio myself once. It will probably work, but you’ll remember how crap you feel for the rest of your life. I’d just do calorie adjustment as TS says