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Still doing BEAR?

Anyone out there still doing Pavel’s Russian Bear for their mass/gaining phases? Just curious if their is still any intrest in it…

I think Patricia and KO swears by it.

No, I think Pat and Ko do an exercise called the Bear that Coach Davies came up with, not Pavel’s program.

Sorry your correct. My fualt…

It looked like a fun program, although I never tried it. I was going to do it with EDT arms on a mass phase, but decided to go with something different. I may, however, do just that sometime in the future.


I used it for a while and really liked it. However, I prefer the German Volume training program for mass gains.

Hey, Mikey (this is open to others as well)…did you ever you the more experienced versions of GVT? That is, did you ever increase the intensity such that you were utilizing 10 x 6 or 10 x 8 rep schemes? Or did you stick to 10 x 10? I’m actually not sure on the former numbers (i.e. 10 x 6 or 8), but I remember Chuckie P suggesting that one move along after the 10 x 10 program, which was quite humbling actually.

Mike - that article you wrote about Rest-Pause training, how keen are you about using that for a mass phase?

Joel - would you follow the program as is or modify it in anyway?

I was going to start with a weight I could do 10 times and then do 5 rep sets with one minute rest inbetween until I could no longer complete a fiver in excellent form; I think this is how it is outlined.


P.S. If you meant EDT arms; I would change some of the exercise selection there.

I'd probably set it up like:

M- Deadlift

T- Arms

W- Off

R- Bench Press

F- Arms

Sa- Off

Su- Off