Still Do a Full Deload if One Movement is Flying Whilst Another Feels Worn Out?

My squats right now are flying and it feels like it’d be a shame to stop the momentum I have with them. The thing is i’ve been starting to feel a bit run down in upper body movements, mostly bench, a few shoulder aches here and there and just not feeling as strong. I took 15-20kg off the bar yesterday as a sort of auto-regulatory thing and wonder if I should just go ahead and make the rest of the week a deload. Or…

Gym is closed on Monday due to bank holiday so I might just take 3 full rest days at the end of the week. Would it be smart to just deload on Deadlift/OHP tomorrow, Friday smash squats and see how i get on with bench on and then enjoy 3 days off. I’d say i’m advanced novice/early intermediate. Just wondering if this would work as good as a full deload given my level.

Its not math or robotics so nothing works guaranteed and also very rarelly something actually does not work at all. Its all individual and the only way to know is to try it.
Honestly, i dont think anyone here can guess what would or would not work.

If i was you, i would deload upper body and leave the lower body as is for a while.


You won’t lose all your gains in 1 week off.

100%. I’ve done full deloads in the past and they’ve been absolutely awesome. Right now i’m just kind of on the fence as despite me not deloading for a while I’m still riding some big momentum on some of my lifts. Usually I can feel the need for a deload as my sleep will get worse, my libido will drop and i’ll just feel a little beat up/lacking motivation. Right now though i’m totally absorbed in my progress and mentally as hooked as I possibly could be.

I wonder if i’ve just been thrown a little off because of a couple of occasions I’ve skipped days on the day of, and light days after a stag do, a wedding, and when I picked up a small illness. Maybe they worked as mini-deloads and got me imbalanced with measuring my need for one. I think I’ll go light tomorrow, hit as normal on Friday and then give myself 3 full days off. Essentially 5 rest days over the course of the week + 1 light day…

Just some paralysis by analysis going on. Ignore me. I’m sure i’ll be fine.

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I reckon this is probably a psychological decision rather than a physiological one and you know your own psychology much better than we can. Happy lifting.

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I really think it depends on how beat up your upper body is. But taking a day off squats could help with the upper body recovery.

I’d play it by ear. Perhaps not take a whole week off either. People have a 7 day cycle in their head as its a normalised time period. I often back off from an exercise for 3-4 days extra. This is productive as it keeps momentum but allows extra recovery.