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Still Can't Lose Weight

I posted a message back in July of last year. I have increased my “good” calories, I’m eating more protein…etc. I still have this 20 pounds that I cannot get rid of. I even got a gym membership that I’ve been going to for 2 1/2 hours a night.

This is ridiculous. I hear of so much stuff that just works SO awesome for men, but nothing for woman unless we want facial hair. What is the deal. I know several guy friends that can get stuff here that cuts them and makes them look great pretty fast. Why can’t a woman have anything like this?

So here goes another “fat” summer without ever going near a swimsuit. The absolute worst is my lower stomach. I’ve had it my whole life no matter how skinny I’ve been. Why can I not get rid of this. I mean I have pictures where I look anerexic and still have a gut. This is horrible and driving me insane. My boyfriend really doesn’t want me to get surgery, but 2 years of this nastiness if just too much. PLEASE…PLEASE…HELP!!

Define “good calories” and 2 1/2 hours is a lot of time in the gym which might be halting your progress. And Biotest does have great stuff for women. You can Take HRX Extreme or Maximum Strength, as well as Methoxy-7.

You might want to watch your carbs and stick to low GI ones if you haven’t already, and mix make sure you are taking your EFA’s.

A lot of it could also be timing of foods/meals. Do you keep a food log?

There are so many variables so it is hard to tell what you are doing wrong.

So supply more info on training routine, diet, type of life style and I am sure someone could help you.

Jesus this place is oozing with E these days…

Try a personal trainer.

and i dont say that to passify you, if you’re diet and excercise are in line (i suspect they are not)
then it’s time to go see a professional.
He/She will then help you correct you’re diet and excerise routines.

If that should fail, go see a plastic surgeon.

Try morning cardio. Running or walking 20-30 min. Also cut carbs at night.

When I first started dieting 3 1/2 years ago I found that I could not get rid of my gut either. I got down to 149lbs (im 6’, male). Without a good amount of added muscle I ended up just burning away my lean mass and not touching my fat. Once I got my resistance training in line I was able to gain enough lean mass to where I can now get down to 12%ish bf. But this took years of work. My biggest flaw was trying to get thin without first having my lean mass in check.

If you have your training in check, you can loose a bit more with supps like HOT-ROX, morning cardio (makes a bigger difference then evening), and perfect nutrient timing. You just need to be careful not to burn muscle.

Tina, PM me.
There could be more to the story.

You are far too vague here, you cannot expect any meaningful input without being more specific.

What do you eat specifically on an average day (honestly), and when?

What does your routine look like?

Without knowing any more than what you have as yet offered, I will parrot others here and say that your 2 1/2 hours in the gym could very well be whats killing any progress.

[quote]tinarichardson wrote:
I posted a message back in July of last year. I have increased my “good” calories, I’m eating more protein…etc. I still have this 20 pounds that I cannot get rid of. I even got a gym membership that I’ve been going to for 2 1/2 hours a night.

“good” calories? what the hell does that mean…

an idea…post a detailed log of your diet in the blog section of you profile for the next month so others can critique without having to guess what you’re actually consuming…

you’ve been going to the gym 2 1/2 hours a night? again, what the hell does that mean…

is this time spent chatting with other gym patrons and flipping through a fashion mag while on a stationary bike? or are you absolutely drenched in sweat at the end of your ‘workout’?

time in the gym doesn’t mean shit, it’s the amount of ass-kicking effort you put in your workouts that count…

make a detailed account of your training in the blog function also, include your preceived effort level (were you drenched in sweat after an ass-busting workout or did you half-ass it) of each workout…be honest…


excellent eating habits and ass-kicking workouts account for 99% of your results…

So here goes another “fat” summer without ever going near a swimsuit. The absolute worst is my lower stomach. I’ve had it my whole life no matter how skinny I’ve been. Why can I not get rid of this. I mean I have pictures where I look anerexic and still have a gut. This is horrible and driving me insane. My boyfriend really doesn’t want me to get surgery, but 2 years of this nastiness if just too much. PLEASE…PLEASE…HELP!![/quote]

a positive attitude and a dogged determination to work your ass off to achieve your goals works wonders…

your attitude, on the other hand, is horrible…

dump the negativity, it’s doing you no good at all…

Being repulsed by your own fat guy should be the motivation you need to do your homework and then get your ass in gear to do what it takes to make the progress you want.

Seeking any easy way out tells me that you want to be able to be a slob/overeater and still look the way you want with an easy way out.

Is that what you want, or are you just misguided?

[quote]DPH wrote:

excellent eating habits and ass-kicking workouts account for 99% of your results…


The above statement should be on EVERY SINGLE PAGE IN HUGE BOLD LETTERS.

Hey Tina

Dont get down.

I say you do two things post your diet and training so we can help. I also think you are working out to much and prob not optimal.

Also you may want to check out www.f-heit.com. Its a site by Biotest for just your goals. They seem to have a great community of like minded women over there that will help you with all your needs/prob.

Hope that helps,

Don’t get frustrated, you just aren’t doing it right, that is all. You have to get your big rocks in the jar first, then the littler rocks, then the sand. You are training an awful lot. Your total caloric intake is either the same or greater than your caloric expenditure. It is that simple.

People talk of doing an hour and a half of “cardio” and it burns what? maybe 300 calories? It would be simpler and easier to have cut 300 calories from your intake. Google Lyle McDonald and add the term starvation effect. He contends strongly that it doesn’t exist. That always puzzled me.

How can a system that is doing the same amount of work and has the same basal needs metabolically drop to overcome a caloric deficit. Over a long term, if you simpy take in less than what you need to any appreciable amount, weight loss is certain. Those are the big rocks. little rocks and sand like timing and combinations of foods are nice and there is too much that indicates that they do work, but it can’t overcome missing big rocks.

more is not necessarily better, better is better. Try something different in the gym like EDT. I’ve found that I just go backwards should I ever attempt to work out for anything over an hour and a half but I’m weak. There are few specifics so that’s all I’ll say on the topic so far.

Everyone here keeps telling me opposite things. And once I try to fix things like I’m told then I am once again told that I’m wrong. I eat healthy, not a bunch of junk. And NO I am NOT trying to lose weight with a magic pill and eat whatever I want. Jesus, I work my ass of. How the hell can you work out too damn much!! No I don’t stand around and talk and constitute that I’m working out.

I came here for help not to be judged as someone who wants to lose weight without any effort. I am very poor, however, and can not afford tons of good food. But I do my best to eat healthy. I eat my carbs early, not late. I work out hard at the gym. Arms, legs, and cardio. I want to get a personal trainer, but can’t afford one. That’s why I’m asking for help here.

I’m putting off cardio because I really don’t want surgery, and because I will have to sell some things in order to pay for it. But I’m ready to just never eat again. I have tried Fahrenheit with no success. My new routine varies. I’ve been reading some legitimate books to help and getting ideas from them. It’s hard to say a daily routine, because I vary my workouts.

I was told that you need to change your workout or your body adjusts and gets “immune” to the same old thing. I have a real bike that I ride. We have 6 really hard hills that I try to conquer all the time. So I not just riding along not pedaling. It is an 18 speed. I do have to set it lower on those hills in order to make it up it, but on flatter ground I set it alot harder to pedal.

I eat several small meals a day. I have upped my protein because I was not getting enough before. For breakfast I eat 2 lices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter. for mid-day snack I eat a small container(6-8 oz) of yogurt. I eat a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread and a vegetable for lunch. My next meal is a snack of 3 or 4 hard boiled eggs.

If I’m feeling snacky I try to eat nuts or raisins, especially almonds or soynuts. Dinner consists of a spinach or asian salad with chicken in it or a subway sandwich, which consists of Extra turkey, ham, and roast beef with spinach, tomatoes and black olives on it; no cheese, no sauce, on oat bran or wheat bread.

If I need more later that night I will eat another egg. If I am absolutly craving chocolate I have a SMALL amount of DARK chocolate. But with protein shakes (I buy chocolate icopure) I usually don’t really crave chocolate. Now I was told that once in while you should have a cheat day to throw your body off or it will adapt to that as well.

Throwing it off will boost the metabolism for the next 24 hrs. I read the preventive healthy woman. When I am at the gym I work out until I’m hot and shaking. I rotate upper body and lower body. And yes I do cardio. If I’m too late for an aerobics class then I get on the eptical machine. This seems to burn the most calories without hurting my knees. I get to the gym around 5-5:30 and work out until 7:30.

I don’t hurry and rush through the machines, I heard to be slow and controlled. I use all the ab machines, because that is my weakest point. Then one day I will do my upper body on all the machines, and some free weights; then I do my lower body on all the machines to work it all out. I heard to see good results you need to do 30-45 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week.

So why do you suggest I’m working out too much. I know there is no magic pill, but I’m 35 years old, I know I need a boost. I have seen 4 guy friends of mine cut up awesome using your products made for men…so I can’t believe there’s nothing that can give me whatever boost I need to get over this hump.

I was even larger once before and this is the method I used then. Yet, then too I had hit a stump. I got some assistance and overcame it. Well, it’s harder this time because the only reason I had gained those 35 pounds was due to medicine. I lost 15 of those 5 of it and not many inches at all.

None of my clothes fit from last year and definatly not from the year before. I just want help…

I know this isn’t a popular opinion to some people but you sound like you’re overtraining. Personal opinion: from someone with zero recovery capacity unless he’s eating the equivalent of the earth (or professor X’s smallest snack per day)

I’d try something off this site like ABBH or Fat to Fire by John Davies. Personal opinion, done ABBH, haven’t done fat to fire but then again I weigh all of 3 kilos so that isn’t my problem.

Your nutrition doesn’t sound bad but your stress does, try and sort that out first: sorry but that’s how I feel. you might have too many stresses to recover, I believe Dan John has used to image of a bath tub: stress (training, life etc) can only go out at a certain quantity and if you’re stressed in life, cut down on training: he said it best himself: when in doubt simplify (or something like that.)

Ever tried the Tabata Protocol? Litinovs? EDT? All have given good results. That might help, as might eating more (sounds odd but it sometimes works.) Have you tried HIIT? that’s something else that’s good for fat loss

[quote]tinarichardson wrote:
Everyone here keeps telling me opposite things. And once I try to fix things like I’m told then I am once again told that I’m wrong.

different strategies have worked for different people…

you need to find what will work for you this time around…

if what your are doing now isn’t working then it’s time to try another approach…

I often find it interesting what some people consider ‘eating healthy’, make a log for the next month…if you want an in depth critique then you’re going to have to give in-depth information…

over-training is a common problem…

again, if you want an in-depth critique of your training make a log in the blog function for the next month…

if you want real help, then more information is needed…

hopefully you have enough money for fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean sources of protein to eat daily…

personal trainers can be helpful but not needed…don’t use not having a personal trainer as an excuse for not reaching your goals…

you don’t need surgery! plus, most people who get lipo-suction are just as fat a year later…do you have enough cash for lipo every year? it’s much better to learn to manage your bodyfat on your own…

this reeks of desperation, you MUST turn your attitude around!

fahrenheit is not a magic pill, it’ll help you that last 5% at best, the other 95% is going to be an intelligent diet and hard physical work…

my routines vary also, but it’s important to have workout goals in mind when switching things up…don’t change things for the fuck of it, have a good reason to make a change in your workouts…

your body will adapt to what ever stimulus you give it, changing aspects of a routine is important to making improvments…


bread and peanut butter make a good breakfast? well, that’s better than mcdonald’s I suppose…

how about having some veggies, lean protein, and fruit instead?

here’s an idea…two whole eggs, two egg whites scrambles with mixed veggies, some grapes, and water to drink…there you go, a shit-load better than bread and peanut butter…

in my opinion, all of your meals should be comprised of veggies, fruits, lean protein sources, and possibly scoops of rice if you start loosing weight too quickly…

desent choices, but make a detailed food log for the next month so people can give you more of an in-depth critique…

I’m betting that there is more than just a chance that part of your problem is insulin resistance…STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY TREATS!

in my opinion, cheat days are more for mental sanity than anything else…sticking to a good diet without crap like chocolate is better…

not so sure that shaking is a prerequisit for a good workout, but for someone trying to loose fat you do want to be sweating your ass off…

controlled sure, slow is bullshit…

no one needs to do any cardio for fat lose if your diet is in order and your are working hard while exersizing…but cardio can help, if you enjoy it then make it a part of your program…

you may be overtraining, maybe not…make a workout log…

so try different products, if you find one that works, great, but don’t set your hopes on dramatic changes from a fatloss pill…

if at all possible, discontinue the medication in question…

the older you get, losing fat becomes more of a challenge…but that’s no reason to dispare…

None of my clothes fit from last year and definatly not from the year before. I just want help…[/quote]

ask more detailed questions besides…I want help!..

give more detailed answers…

try out some of the current suggestions…

cheer up, a positive attutude is a great way to start your fatloss quest…

good luck!

For what you are doing, you are eating too much. It is that plain and simple.
Post your workout. As far as someone offering that you are overtraining…I can agree that you are training too much for the effect you are getting. You say cardio. All work in the gym impacts the heart. “Cardio” is a terrible name for it. It is low load, long duration work. Liken your intensity to waves. Stick your finger in a pool slowly and you get it wet. work your whole body in slowly and you get wet. The little waves you make with this slow approach are quick to calm. low load exercise affects your metabolism like this. Now cannon ball into the pool. Waves for days…not really, just painting a picture. Higher load work has a cannon ball wave affect on your metabolism.

Arms, legs and cardio?? Change your routine. What you are doing now isn’t working. It won’t start just because. I can understand being poor. I was broke for a long long time. don’t waste money on supplements. Get a multivitamin.

You need to eat less or take a long look at what you do eat. Is there dressing on your salad. Peanut butter unless it is natural is loaded with calories. You have access to eggs so have one egg white. Go to one slice of bread or whole grain oatmeal. Do you have a coffee grinder? If you do, get some whole flax seeds and grind some to add to your oatmeal. Yogurt for a snack isn’t too bad. Whole wheat tuna sandwich? are you adding mayo? veggie with it? naked or with ranch or something? snack with three or 4 hard boiled eggs. Go with 4 and only 1 yolk. Snacky? those all have calories. Pack celery. No, don’t put peanut bitter on it even the health kind. Too much on the details here.

Instead of scheduling a cheat day, have a pretty low calorie day. Cut it all in half and walk a little bit too. My point is, there is no way in the world that you CAN’T lose weignt on a calorie deficit. Up your water intake.

Ab machines. another topic. Why? problem area? how so? flabby? weak? I would look to throw away all the “I heard” stuff that are already applying because it simply isn’t working for you. What are your current stats?

I’ll keep it super simple. You’ll get excellent results if you follow what I suggest.

Diet: You eat can grains (bread, desert, pancakes, bagels, pasta, rice, etc.) only once a day: the meal directly following your workout. If you have to cheat (and you will) always do it right after the workout, never any other time. Do not touch grains otherwise. Any and all grains are the arch-enemy of weight loss and right after you work out is the only time they can do you good (DO eat them then, to replenish your energy stores). Every time you eat, look at your plate: there should be a minimum of 15 grams of protein on it (25-35 is better) and 6-15 grams of fiber from fruit/vegetables. Whey/dairy/or meat protein should be eaten with every meal without exception. Continue with the small, frequent meals. Take fish oil? Start.

Workouts: Work out with free weights three times a week. Squats, (girl) push-ups and reverse flyes one day (three sets of each, superset the exercises, go for 10 reps, as much weight as you can manage with excellent, deep form).

Deadlifts, (assisted) pull-ups, cuban presses the second day. Same set/rep range.

Lunges, standing military press, standing calf raises the third day. Same set/rep range (except the calf raises: 15-20, instead).

If your work out takes you more than 45 minutes you’re going WAY too slowly! You should blow through those workouts, panting and sweating like a race horse, in less than 30 minutes. Seriously: if you do not break a sweat (not matter how air conditioned the gym is) and gasp for air through this work out, you’re just not going fast enough/or using enough weight. Adjust one or the other until you’re suffering like you’ve never suffered before.

On two other days of the week, work your abs and then get on the tread mill and walk for 45 minutes at 3.5 mph a 3% slope. After the first 10 minutes, if it feels too easy, turn up the slope until it feels hard (and down again, if it gets too difficult). Do not go faster: adjust the slope instead; you’ll build muscle that way, not burn it. Do not hold onto the handle bars EVER. Full body stretch for at least 15 minutes afterwards.

Working out at all is great, but working out in the morning is even better. You’ll raise your metabolism early in the day and burn many, many more calories overall during the day than you would otherwise. Two nonconsecutive days a week, stay out of the gym. Do something active outdoors if you feel like it, or just chill (rest just as hard as you work out). Watch what you eat rest-days especially carefully: NO GRAINS.

As you can see, my suggestions are not necessarily harder than what you’re doing already; there’re just optimized. Try following my suggestions for just one week, and I promise you’ll be pleased with the results.

Good luck.

[quote]Redbones27 wrote:
Do not hold onto the handle bars EVER. Good luck.[/quote]

AMEN. Why people look for ways to make low intensity work even easier is beyond me.