Still Bending Over in the Squat Probably since 1990

I just video taped myself and no wonder why my back has been hurt before. Last time was with front squats. I took a month off because I was burned out and needed to heal up. oday I just squated w/ 135 and I still bent over too much. I did a powerlifter style squat but my hands still are close with my elbows flaring backwards.

Any suggestion on how to correct this would be appreciated. Thanks! Oh, I am 38 yrs. now.

You may have tight soaz muscles (these are under the abs and attach the spine to the pelvis).

This was a problem I had, use a softball and GENTLY roll back and forth over it on your abdomen on each side of your belly button. Be carefull not to go to low into your pelvic area as you can roll over your femoral artery and that hurts like a bitch!

Also make sure you roll and strecth before hand.

Thanks, I never heard of rolling a ball on your abdomen. I will try it.

Navin, welcome to the washed-up meathead land. Why don’t you post a vid of you squatting and we’ll take a look at it?

watch out for the kidneys!!


you should be able to track the tight muscles though.

when my lumbar spine aches rolling out the hip flexors seems to magically take the stress out of my spine

(not so magical really since the hip flexors start up the top of the quads then run up your torso under your abs / in around the bowl of your pelvis then attach to the lumbar spine)