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Still a Little Confused on Westside


If I'm doing a MAX effort SQUAT day (tomorrow) exactly what do I do after I work up to a max single,double, or triple? Do I still do the support exercises from the dynamic day? (GHR's and stuff.)

And if so is it lighter then the dynamic day support work? I KNOW I sound like a dumb ass but no one i know besides me and my partner have even TRIED this program.


Read Tate's

Periodization Bible and 8 Key's to Success

Those articles outline almost everything you need to know about the westside template.

To answer your questions, yes, you would do the support exercises after. They don't necessarily have to be the same exercise from DE day, but they should target the same muscles. I like to keep all my heavy work together, so I would do heavy accessory work on my ME day.


The speed and max days are almost the same in the template with the exception being your first lift. It's either a squat/bench/dead variation on ME day, or it's a squat/dead or bench on speed day. After that it is a lift for weak points, then accessory work. And I do it the same way as Pemdas, heavy accessory work 3-8 reps on ME day and lighter accessory work on DE day, 10-15 reps. I think people tend to over think the Westside template and make it more complicated then it needs to be.


Jim Wendler really simplified this when he said, "On ME day, lift really heavy, then bodybuild; on DE day, lift really fast , then bodybuild"

The point here isnt to do typically bodybuilding movements but to recognize that you're going for muscle hypertrophy/a "pump." With your ME exercise you're training that lift. With the supplemental stuff you're training the muscle.


Where can i find a copy of ws4sb or anything describing hoe westside works. everyone talks about it but i cant find it because i guess im retarded.


Great description.


Normally I try not to be a smart ass but have you tried looking on the internet?

Ex: google. type in "WS4SB". Enter.

I'm pretty sure you would have found what you're looking for in less time than it took you to post.

Or for example going to the Westside website and reading the basic articles. Or reading the Dave Tate articles posted like 2 posts above yours with the description "the Dave Tate article that explains everything you need to know".



thanks for linking to the article and excusing my retardation


I have always wondered. Is it possible to go heavy (4-7 reps) on accessory work all the time ? I have been using 8-12 reps for accessory work but I have stagnated for quite a while. I was hoping to increase the weight and reduce the reps to 4-7 but someone told me that using low reps for all accessory work all the time would be very hard on the joints. What do you all think ?




This article should answer most of your questions. As the man says, you can put a lot of thought and planning and figuring into your plan, or do it the scientific way, flip a coin.


All the time? No.

It's highly likely it would prevent you from recovering from your max effort work.


I don't go heavy on accessory work all the time but my answer would be yes - FOR SOME PEOPLE. When I first started training like this I did all my accessory work in the 8-15 rep range. Then I went through a phase were I did it ALL heavy. Now I do it as I explained above, heavy/light days. Start basic, keep the reps higher and over time start experimenting and figure out what works best. I am sure 6 months from now if you asked me again I would be doing it differently.


I have a bunch of books about Westside or Conjacted Training systems.. I can email you them if you like..
You have Maximum Effort Days and Speed or Repitition Days.
Along with your main movement you have Accessory Exercises and Supplemental Exercises. You can do 1 rep to 3 or 5 rep Max or sub max. You need to build your weak areas up to make your strong areas stronger!! Don't do to many sets on your Supp. or Acc. exercise.. It's very easy to over train and burn out your CNS... You want to focus on your main lifts and work up the weight to build alot of volume... You want to remember its the big lifts you focus on that are going to create strength and size. Not the isolation movements. You also want to remember that With Powerlifting or Strong Man Activites you concentrate on the movement of the exercise and not the motion or squeeze of a bodybuilding style program. I can go on and on about this style of training.. EliteFitnes has some great info or you can PM me and I'll hook you up... Sorry for the spelling and grammar. I'm multi-tasking between writing this and watching my 1 year old son climb all over the house...