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Still a Fat Man in a Little Coat


thread filled up....i'm glad this is the very first post in it. finally hit my 500lb reverse grip bench.

cycle 2, week 3 - had an awesome night tonight. i've been chasing a 500lb reverse grip bench for awhile. hit it easily tonight. left plenty in the tank.

warmup up

working sets

500x1....oh yeah... noth'n but a peanut. was VERY tempted to up this to 520 or so.

Iso Master Blaster Hammmerzzz Strength Bench Press

some x some x some

face pulls

some x some




strong ass bench meat, well done.


That was really amazing! Wow.


nice work, what is that a 3 board stuffed under your shirt?


Holy cow. That was great. That was you right? Not Joweee? Seriously nice.

Why do you do reverse grip besides that you can? Does it help your regular bench? Did it start as an assistance?


how 'bout some meat???

thanks hoss. i was very suprised at how easy it went up. i thought i was going to be a grinder.


thanks for stopping in!!! been chasing that one for awhile now.


those would be my huuuuugggge pectorals and abzzzzz from all my hammmmerzzzz strength work.


thank you and yes dat's me.

i originally switched to it because i hurt my shoulder hitting joweee in our last meet. reverse grip doesn't strain the anterior head of the shoulder while putting a lot of emphasis on the medial and posterior heads. i started doing them to help rehab my shoulder and have stuck with it to see how high i can go on them. as a result my shoulders are balanced now.

my tricep strength has increased greatly and my shoulders are now balanced. i've been tempted to see how high my regular bench is but i'm going to wait until after my comp.

to answer your question, it can only help your bench because of the overall shoulder balance the exercise brings and the the high amount of tricep strength that you develop. i'm think'n that i could hit 520 on reverse right now and my regular bench would have to be around 550 right now.



Amazing RG Bench Dr. Meat.


thanks man o' steele.

it ain't no hammmerrzzz strength iso super master blaster ultra bench press but it's okay.


DUDE. why do you even venture out into the other forums at all? It is like hitting your head against a wall and then when you stop hitting your head you like that is does not hurt anymore.

This site is way over sensitive and delusional (besides this forum)

This last read on 1000 pd deads for reps just put the final nail in the coffin for me. Wow.

Btw your bench press is a reverse grip with elbow sleeves and you toched your chest. not a real lift! (sarcasm)


^now that would be a real PR


sweet! congrats!


what can i say.... i was bored today:) also, sometimes i just can't take the bullshit that gets spewed around. it far and few between though.


That was a huge bench. Stop hogging up all the gas with that big tank of yours. Spare some (gas) for us little guys.

Intriguing about how it hits the medial and posterior heads of the shoulder though. I'll have to try it, with some baby weights of course.


Fischer is right -"delusional" is spot on.

But you definitely pulled the trump card with your final comment though.

And that hungry4more kid is a very strong and very smart kid; he is definitely going places.


Iso Master Blaster Hammmerzzz Strength Bench Press

some x some x some

face pulls

some x some

The only thing to make this cooler would be work boots ,jeans and flannel shirt(some here might not get what I mean)


Congrats on the PR man, that's huge.


How apt to start a new log with a 600-lb. reverse grip bench. Why am I not surprised?